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Thread: Best/Worst Dancers in SYTYCD History

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    Re: Best/Worst Dancers in SYTYCD History

    Season 1: I thought Blake was the most overrated dancer EVER! He was terrible at ballroom even though they praised him to high heavens. His lifts in disco were painful to watch. He complained that one partner was too heavy but then he wasn't that great with the lightest girl in the whole competition.

    Season 1 on the whole was more sucky than Seasons 2 and 3 because the dancers were not of the caliber of the following seasons. Melody was cute but she had that one trick and that was it. Big Poppa couldn't do much of anything. I loved Snow but she got bounced out too early. I think I only watched because Artem was HOT!

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    Re: Best/Worst Dancers in SYTYCD History

    I miss Pasha and Sara from season 3. They may have not been technically the best dancers, but they had so much personality and injected so much FUN into their routines. They were both awesome at adapting to new styles.

    From season 2, I loved Heidi, Benji, Donyelle & Travis.

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    Re: Best/Worst Dancers in SYTYCD History

    Season 3- In retrospect, I really think Sara had incredible versatility and pizzazz. Not that I still don't love Sabra - and she had a compelling story, but c'mon - Sara had like 4 or 5 dances in the finale - wow! And I will always adore Pasha - such a gentleman and conquered most of the dances he was given.

    Faina to me was a waste of a spot on the T20, as was Ricky. They might have been good in their own respective genres (ballroom and contemp) but I didn't care for them at all. Cedric, of course remains the king of bad partnering.

    Season 2 - never did and never will like Benji. Don't care if he won. I cannot stand the constant "look at me" vibe. Best was easily Travis.

    Season 1 - I liked Snow, she was unique. Blake was such an a-hole that it simply didn't matter if he could dance.
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