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Thread: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by kittykat3006;2514644;
    I am dying to find out the results of the taping tonight!!!

    when is the elimination show? we had football on tonight

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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by cows3500;2513719;
    Wishful thinking - The show is supposed to be determining AMERICA'S favorite dancer, right? (although last week or the week before, Mary was afraid America would get it wrong - not sure how THAT could happen)

    Anyway - What if the votes for the three guys were all higher than the top girl? Why couldn't we have 2 girls go home?

    I know, ain't gonna happen, but still, we can dream, right?
    I would love for this happen. I've always had an issue with top 10 being cut by one guy/one girl each. We should truly have the two lowest vote-getters regardless of gender eliminated. I know it would throw off the male/female partner dance, but so what? During the final they dance guy/guy and girl/girl, why during the whole top 10?

    I just think it would be a much better representation of who truly is America's favorite dancer.

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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by fanofthegame;2516055;
    when is the elimination show? we had football on tonight
    Whew-I thought my TIVO was acting up...I almost had a heart attack when I got home from work tonight and there was no SYTYCD!!!!

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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by LedZepForever;2514129;
    3. Pasha/Lauren (Waltz): Quite beautiful... It was dreamlike, although it was right down both of their alleys
    4. Neil/Sabra (Paso Doble): ....the technique was fantastic...
    Have to disagree

    Neither Pasha or Lacey (not Lauren) are smooth or standard dancers. They do latin (cha, paso, rumba...) which is totally different from the smooth dances in form, technique, posture. Only thing in common is partnering skills.

    The Paso technique was lacking, sorry. As a former USABDA scrutineer I've seen plenty of pasos and this ranks with the bronze level (beginners). But Neil and Sabra did a good performance with energy and character. So it was a good dance, just not because of technique.

    Overall this show was fantastic. Really good job for all the kids. Can't wait to see the tour.
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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Benji commented Lacey's solo to be the best female dance of the night.
    She looked like a stripper (especially when she did that booty work) in the solo...
    Usually I like her, but I have to say her solo was the weakest one.
    I only hope he shuts his mouth about his sister.
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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    I agree with everyone who said Lacey's solo was the worst of the night. She has danced other styles on this show... so why can't she throw in some of the new moves she has learned? For me, her costume and routine just showed off her wide rear end and thick thighs. No so great. I really hope she does not make it to the final. I would much rather see Lauren's smile than Lacey's fake smile/grimace, but in reality I don't see Lacey getting kicked off.

    Re: the disco routine. I also much prefered two other disco performances earlier in the year - I remember Sara doing disco, and there was one other disco also??

    Loved Sabra as usual. She has so much energy and joy in her dancing and it is beautiful to watch. Pasha is hands down the best male partner. Neil and Danny are excellent soloists, but if I was one of the female dancers, I know I would want Pasha as my partner because he knows how to be a good PARTNER.

    Go Sabra & Pasha!

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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by jmb;2517149;

    Re: the disco routine. I also much prefered two other disco performances earlier in the year - I remember Sara doing disco, and there was one other disco also??

    Dom and Sabra did one that was OK - I think it was the first week. Many believed (at that point) Dom should have gone home over Ricky. I kind of liked it, but then I grew up in the 70's, so I have a soft spot for cheesy outfits and Donna Summer!
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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    A few thoughts with the couples ordered best to worst of the night...

    1. Pasha/Lacey
    I must have been watching a different show than some of you. I thought both of their routines were fantastic. Lacey could have had more dancing in the hip hop, but what she had was great! I really thought she pulled off the mannequin character to a tee and Pasha was great as the "nerdy" guy!! Their waltz was absolutely gorgeous - probably the best slow ballroom dance of the season. Every movement was fluid and unbroken, esp Pasha's lifts - they were beautiful and looked effortless (unlike some other lifts we saw in this show).

    2. Neil/Sabra
    I thoroughly enjoyed their jazz number. It was interesting and they had some great moves. The one where Neil jumped across her on the table was incredible - it looked like he paused horizontaly in mid-air!
    On the other hand, I thought their Paso Doble was horrendous. I don't know who dressed Neil, but I thought he looked like a goth-victorian vampire rather than a bullfighter !! The lift/drop at the end had potential, but it looked like WORK for him to lift her and I thought it came off as awkward.

    3. Danny/Lauren
    It pains me to put them last because Danny is my fav to win, but this was not his night . I thought the contemporary was well executed, but it didn't pull me in and it certainly didn't look like aliens!? Maybe with Mia's alien comment I was just expecting something more interesting/unique so it seemed to fall short when that's not what I got.
    The disco was another bummer for me. I very rarely like the disco performances they have on this show and this was no exception (altho I did like the Hustle earlier this season). I thought this was completely forgettable and the lifts looked awkward and seemed to interrupt the dance rather than flow with it.

    My picks to leave on Monday (curse this delay in elimination!!! )
    Lauren and Neil

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    Re: 8/08 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    ClosteRTWatcher, I believe we were watching the same show because you almost echoed my opinion and rankings.

    I loved the waltz and thought it was spectacular and I really enjoyed Pasha/Lacey's hiphop routine.

    There was nothing I liked about the Paso Doble, I kept comparing it mentally to the one done in the finale last season and this one just did not measure up. Couldn't help myself. I did not like the majority of their jazz number except some of the tricks Neil did.

    The alien routine was horrible, I saw nothing alien about it. Shouldn't it have been jerky/floaty? And I never like disco so no big surprise there.

    Are they still doing bottom two girls and bottom two boys? It should be interesting to see if Sabra or Lacey ends up in the bottom two. It will be telling as to where the votes are falling.

    My picks are Lauren (how many times has she been in the bottom?) and Danny (sorry but Neil got so many fan girl squeals and people vote on looks just as much as skills.. its America's favorite and not best dancer).

    So Lauren and Danny going home but it should probably be Pasha (and I really like him!).

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