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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Cat made a HUGE point in saying to Heidi and Travis that being safe did not mean that they got the most votes, just that they were safe. Tonight was all about suspense and drama.

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    Mia obviously wants Travis or Allison as they are the best technical contemporary dancers. If she can't have Allison, Travis is who she'll want.

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    Is there anything to stop Mia from hiring Travis and/or Allison even if they don't win? They wouldn't win the car and the monetary prize, but couldn't they still audition for Celine's show (after the tour is over, of course)?

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    Maybe FOX could produce a special reality show for Mia? "Pick the BEST TECHNICAL CONTEMPORARY Dancer"?

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    I will really miss Ivan. I loved everything about him. And Natalie was the best when she got the bad news and said "OPA"!! Haha! I think they will both be more succesfull than some people in the final 4 .
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    Awesome opening number tonight!!!

    Btw does anyone know the name of the song they danced to for the opening??? It sounded so familiar to me and for the life of me I can not remember it. Thanks.

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    ok ... I have a question .... does Mia choreograph the Celine Show? I didn't realize that was her show???? Or am I just misreading some of the posts here.

    I thought Nigel and Mia were brutal tonight ... I think Heidi is a great dancer and Mia just ripped her apart. After watching Benji dance, all I could think was, he is like a young Fred Astaire and could bring back a certain type of dance that we see in old movies (am thinking about one of my fave Christmas movies, Holiday Inn) ... and Mia slammed him too!!! I used to love Mia, but she was out of control tonight.

    With all that said, I think the top 4 should have been Travis, Benji, Heidi and Allison. I thought Allison was terrific and I just do not get all the Donyelle love. I think she's really cold and not as polished or versatile a dancer as either Heidi or Allison.

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    That is true - they never said that Travis or Heidi had the most votes.

    I think they put Benji up with Ivan so that Benji's fans won't get complacent and will vote more for him. I think TPTB want him to win.

    Ivan's dancing was SO good during his solo tonight and last night. I don't know why he wasn't doing that in his solos all along! Maybe he is just getting more confidence? Anyway, I can't wait to see them all live. It will be so much fun!

    ETA: I thought overall that Mia was a fantastic judge. She didn't just pimp them (except for Travis!) and she gave them very good constructive criticism. I wish they had used her more often.

    And props to Mia for the opening number. I loved it!

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    I really like Mia for her honesty and she is a great choreographer.

    However, it was a little unfair to call Heidi and Benji limited. They all are limited outside their particular style of dance -- except Allison. Mia is a contemporary choreographer so of course she would like Allison and Travis -- those two are great in that style. However, Travis has not handled ballroom very well whereas Allison just shined in everything with one of the weaker dancers. Plus, maybe it is Mia -- because Heidi did amazing with Wade's terrific contemporary dance.

    It is also not really fair for her to comment on the initial learning of the new dances, because clearly some of the dancers like Ivan had trouble during the learning of the dance and really practiced hard. It is the end result that counts. Still, I prefer Mia to Mary as a judge. I think her opinions are biased towards contemporary but I like her even when I don't agree.

    Result was what I expected. The guys are the right two guys, but I think Allison and Heidi would have been the right two girls. Natalie evened out (perhaps due to bad luck -- pulling Ivan twice and Ryan once after dancing with Musa) but nevertheless Heidi has really came on in the last few weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophieMae View Post
    Is there anything to stop Mia from hiring Travis and/or Allison even if they don't win?
    Of course not but even so, she might simply not want one of the ballroom dancers in her show, that's all. In other words, she'd rather just have Travis and Allison as opposed to having Travis, Allison, and Benji/Heidi/Donyelle. (Obviously this is just my conjecture and not necesarily what she wants)

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