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Thread: 8/02 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vonna View Post
    Donyelle DID have the strangest look on her face after she finished her solo. I can't even figure out what might have happened.... She looked almost completely disoriented.
    Yeah, I did see that. I think something must have happened back stage or something. But she did seem strange.
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    I'm still enjoying the show, but I feel a bit manipulated tonight. I think that Ivan and Donyelle should go (and I said a couple of weeks ago that he is #3), and I do think that Ivan will go, but I feel like the producers made as sure as they could that he would be the one. They paired two of the most popular couples up together with routines that made them popular in the past, and that's a shame. Plus, I'm very displeased at Nigel for not pointing out Travis' stumble in the smooth waltz when he's been quick to point out little foibles of other dancers in the past.

    As to the routines: I actually liked the Jive a lot, thought the Broadway was boring, didn't feel like Travis and Heidi connected at all in the waltz, wasn't thrilled with the contemporary, was kind of blase about the hip hop (although I thought Dony really shone there for the only time in the night), and absolutely loved the tribal pop.

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    I agree, Donyelle seemed really "off" last night in all of her performances. Even the hip-hop routine was lacking.

    I think Heidi and Travis had an unfair advantage with Wade as the choreographer, he is so amazing. I'm sure he could have made a difference in a few of those 'so-so' routines.
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    I missed yesterdays show because of a power outage (grr)
    I hope theres a torrent file to download soon because I would love to see the show especially Heidi and Travis.

    I started watching last years show (through torrent files) and downloaded ep 1-2 so far. At least I will have something new to watch after season 2 is over
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    Yeah, Ivan is the weakest among boys but it was still sickening to see judges putting him and Natalie down for ALL their performances.

    Nigel himself pointed a few times that this is a reality show, not a dancing show. We supposed to choose the dancer we like to watch dancing, not the best dancer.

    After Ivan's contemporary with Alison I think he is the most improved dancer in the whole competition and just a delight to watch.

    Yeah Benjie and Travis are much more professional dancers with YEARS of training. But to me Ivan deserves to be where he is now in the competition. He earned it by working hard and giving us absolutely amazing performances with Alison (What a chemistry!)

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    My favorite performances of the night were the 2 performances with Travis and Heidi. Surprisingly, the dances on the whole were not as good as previous weeks, even though we supposedly have the top 6 dancers left.

    As much as I love Donyelle & Benji... their duets were not quite right - their timing was often off. I also agree that Donyelle looked a little stunned after her solo. I recall so vividly the praises that she earned over the past few weeks so I'm left wondering what happened to her/them. Was Donyelle ill? Were she and Benji so excited to be back together with a "familiar" partner that they didn't focus on their performance enough, thinking that thier chemistry would get them through??
    I don't know what it was, but Benjelle (Benyelle??) sure wasn't "gelling" last night.

    For the guys I want to see Benji & Travis get through.
    For the girls, I think that Heidi should make it through, but as of last night I'm not sure who the 2nd girl will be. If Donyelle makes it through, I sure hope that she steps it up next week. If Donyelle does not make it through, I'm sure that this show (and her top 6 status) will look great on her resume. I also think that Mia Michaels really likes her and will help her to get work.

    Maybe we'll see Benji & Heidi together again next week!!

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    I was so shocked to see Donyelle off her game that I played parts back in slo mo. In both of her dances with Benji, as Nigel said, she wasn't finishing the moves off and was quite a bit off on the timing, especially the exits from the turns. Her solo just died at the end and she had this "I broke three bones and am having a heart attack" look on her face, even after she came downstage for the Cat time. Not sure if the look was dread, knowing that she hadn't done her best, or if it was the result of a physical or mental injury. The only time she seemed like herself was when Mia offered to start up the Big Butt Dance Company. That was cute!

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    1. Natalie & Ivan - Jive - Natalie seems to have gotten her energy back, she was very lackluster last week, looks a lot better tonite. Great legs. Are they dancing together?? Looks like 2 people on the stage dancing but not together.

    2. Travis - solo - beautiful back walkovers.

    3. Donyelle & Benji - Broadway - I think both could find jobs on Broadway. The pink dress was very flattering on Donyelle. Benji was the more energetic of the 2. Benji seems to be getting better and better every week. If Donyelle had been on the same wavelength this would have been an outstanding routine.

    4. Natalie - solo - very strong legs, again much more powerful and much more energy than last wk. Looks a lot more confident than last week.

    5. Heidi & Travis - smooth Waltz -Wow, that was nice. Travis presents Heidi well. He glides over the dance floor, really nice lines with his legs. He shows how it should be done. This is where you can really see the difference in the quality of Travis and Ivan's dancing skills.

    6. Ivan - solo - I am sure his fans are thrilled. He is cute with the head bopping at the end but the strength of his personality does not make up for his lack of formal dance training.

    7. Donyelle & Benji - hip hop - or as I call it soft Pop, or the Dance of the Big Bottomed Girls. Nicely done, but again Benji is out dancing Donyelle.

    8. Heidi - solo - Heidi has improved so much in this contest, how she dresses and presents herself. Really used the music well.

    9. Natalie & Ivan - contemporary - not believable, lack of training, lack of feeling, dancing separately ... then I heard the judges comments and I totally agree with them.

    10. Benji - solo - energy, energy, energy. He is the all around package entertaining, sexy, exciting and just fun to watch.

    11. Heidi & Travis - Pop - actually African Pop - when I get home tonight I am watching that again. The music and choreagraphy were fabulous, very tribal, I really felt it. The best routine of the night.

    12. Donyelle - solo - nice to see her do contemporary instead of hip hop tonight.

    The best three dancers tonight were Heidi, Travis and Benji with Benji in the number one spot.

    Bottom 2 girls: Donyelle and Natalie
    Bottom 2 guys: Travis and Ivan NOTE: not that Travis deserves it, just because there are only 3 guys left.

    Final 4 pick: Heidi & Travis, Benji & either girl.
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    Didn't mean to sound harsh saying that the others are levels above Donyelle and Ivan. I actually have no problem with them as the #3 male and female -- tho personally I probably would say that Dmitre was the #3 male and I think Allison was the #1 female with Heidi and Natalie as 2 and 3. Nevertheless, I think they were both #4 so who cares about coming in one higher at #3.

    Obviously, Ivan and Donyelle have great personalities and good backstories. I don't even care that much that I felt the judges pimped them a bit. That is the nature of the show. They were pimped a bit because they have winning personalities and good backstories. Ivan has also come along way.

    I just think it is their time to go.

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    As for Donyelle, I do not want to cause trouble but I watced the show with 5 other people and the consensus was she looked heavier last night than she was before? It seems to me that she was very good when she was teamed with Benji in the early weeks. But has been losing her confidence every week since. Even being paired with Benji again did not seem to help.

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