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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by drkim View Post
    I'm with those who said Donyelle should have gone home this week, but that doesn't mean I don't adore her or think she'll have a career. I think she was 4th place - better than Ashlee, Martha, Joy.... But I think Heidi, Allison and Natalie are just better overall. Donyelle became 4th in my mind with her poor Samba routine, it was bad footwork, and for that I put her 4th which is still pretty darn good. The female competition is fierce this year. I also see the Allison criticism regarding the "sameness" of her solos. But I don't remember a bad performance from her, she has lots of versatility and will be just fine I am sure. All top 4 women IMO are incredible and it is really hard to choose between them.
    As for Allison's sameness on her solo's. I think her problem was that she had to dance to many of them. If Heidy or Donyelle had to dance as many solo's they would have been accused of the same thing. As I have said in other posts it was better last year when they rotated the partners. They should have improved on it by making sure couples were not paired together to often. Ivan dragged Allison into the bottom 3 early in the comp. (Ivan has improved a lot with Allison's help but the one week he danced with a diferant patner he was not as good. ) Allison could have danced a diferant type solo to chnge things up but it would have been a risk to do so. ( She was most comfortable with her own style)

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    It said "Jesus the Lowered", with a picture of a low-rider under it.
    Actually, I think it said "Praise the Lowered" with a picture of Jesus under it (I just watched the results show this morning, so it's fresh in my mind).

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    Quote Originally Posted by liedenfrost View Post
    With the exception of disco, waltz, hip-hop and krump... etc.
    I'm only quoting the first few words of what I though was a fantastic post. If you haven't read it you should go back a page and check it out.

    Although there are several things I've disagreed with in this thread I'm not going to go there. I don't feel the need after reading liedenfrost's post. I'd rather stay with the positive note she/he put forth.

    I will, however, disagree with two aspects of the post.

    1) I won't continue to watch the show. Although I agree that the remaining dances are to greater and lesser degrees good dancers, with Allison out the magic has left the show for me. And,

    2) I really think we should stop giving America credit for who is leaving or staying on this show. Using the most liberal of criteria less than half of one percent of 'America' has spoken on this issue. The reality is probably less than a quarter of a percent.

    I've never been a Celine Dion fan, but if Allison joins her sister in the cast of Celine's show here in Vegas I may just pony up the cash to see her perform.
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    I'm upset that Allison is gone. She was fabulous and my favorite of the girls. She did some amazing dances to tough choreography and was able to learn the new dances extremely well.

    The show won't have the same zip now that she's gone. Bad move America.
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    Well, thank God Ryan is finally gone. He is a great dancer, and I hated how the judging was so biased against him. It was really irritating to hear all the nice things they said about him AFTER they knew he was leaving. I hope Ivan wins the whole thing. The judges deserve it for pimping him to no end. He has certainly improved, but he isn't all that. And I don't get all the praise for his tango. He was better the second time around, but if you really looked at his feet, many times he was just running to keep up with Allison. And he can't stretch if his life depended on it. If Ryan and Ivan were to audition for any dance company in any style but hip-hop, who do you think would get picked? I know, I know, it is a personality show, but the judges really manipulated things until the last two weeks. Go Ivan!!!! Nigel deserves that egg on his face.

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    The dancers are told to dance their solo "in their own style." Obviously, their own style is going to look rather similar from solo to solo. Should that be an excuse? No, but it's to be expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guide54 View Post
    I really liked her last solo when she drew Travis in as a prop (so to speak). He looked the most upset about her leaving. I wonder what that was all about? I would have thought Ivan would be the one she would go to.
    I agree about her last solo. It was fabulous. I think she picked Travis to be her partner because she trusted him to have the skill and experience she needed and couldn't count on from Ivan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mdrio9
    I wish we could see some of the house dynamics too...like, who is closest and stuff.
    One thing we do know is that Natalie said Ryan was one of her closest friends in the house. You could have knocked me over with a feather. His emotions did show through better while dancing with her.

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