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Thread: Not Really America's Choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justice27 View Post
    I think the judges choosing up till last week served it's purpose. I think you truly got the best 10 dancers. Now it is up to the people. I hope they do as well.
    Agree. With 19E and the choreographers winnowing the field to those who could take advantage of the prize, no one dreadful makes it into the final 10. I wish that Idol was run that way... my ears can only take bleeding so long.

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    I don't think the judges liked how popular Snow and Artem became over time last season. Ditto with Ryan. I think they had their hearts set on Nick or Blake winning and they had to create that.

    They were just lucky that Big Poppa never got really popular. I still remember Mary crying when Artem was cut.

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