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Thread: Donyelle Jones - Season 2

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    It's sad- I was just rewatching some of the earlier episodes, and Donyelle TOTALLY stood out from the crowd from day one- her hip-hop and cha cha routines early on were amazing, and it wasn't just because of Benji's partnership, although I know he's really brought up everyone he's danced with- Donyelle was pulling her own weight and totally performing with the best of them early on.

    I don't know if it was the injury or endurance or what, but since top 10, she just lost that magic until her solo last night. Here's hoping for the best for Donyelle!
    Donyelle versitility made her stand out for me. I missed her audition, but when I watched her first performance, I wanted to see what else she could do. I knew she was a hip hop specialist because her technique was on point. She always left me wanting to see her do more, especially after she performed the cha cha.

    I believe that her foot injury is what hindered her from giving 100% in some of her dances. I hope that she will get to do another solo before the show is over, I'm hoping for contemporary.

    Also, Benji and Donyelle did help each other. Donyelle held up her own, she was never in the bottom 2. All of the dancers did a great job and they all had their faults. I'm just glad that they can all relax and injoy thier last performances.
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    Re: Donyelle - Season 2

    Donyelle and her crew "Artistry In Motion" will be on the next season of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV. I liked her back in S2, so definitely excited for this one.

    By the way, Quest Crew won last year, and that crew had a couple of SYTYCD-ers in it: Ryan from S1, and Dominic and Hok from S3.
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