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Thread: Jaymz - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by drkim View Post
    Eliminted 7-6-06.

    Any parting thoughts?

    Has anybody noticed that the judges really didn’t have anything substantially negative to say about Jaymz? While they told Ivan he was “not a good dancer” and Ryan that he essentially had no personality, they didn’t have anything specifically negative to say about Jaymz.. but they just let him go anyway. If you look back at past episodes, they were always very positive about Jaymz, and that it was unfortunate he kept getting dances that weren’t flashy enough to get America’s attention.

    Personally it seems to me that Jaymz getting eliminated had more to do with politics than skill. He offended Nigel, the exec. producer, with some of his not-so-well-thought-out comments, and so he got eliminated. I know a couple of professional dancers who say that Jaymz was excellent. And the judges always really liked him too.. until this last week. Personally I think they should be able to get over their personal agendas and make decisions based on dancing. As the judges themselves have said, this show is about versatility, and they have even commented on how versatile Jaymz is.

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    I just read his stats and saw his last name. I thought he was Hispanic or Native American because of his exotic features, but from his name I would deduce Samoan blood. That type of a name is fairly common in Hawaii.

    I am afraid his arrogance and defensive responses to negative comments from the judges may have spelled his doom. They are the judges, they don't want to have to defend themselves.

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    I agree it may have had much more to do with his attitude than his dancing. All the judges loved all his partner dances- disco, foxtrot, contemporary (except this last hiphop and even then it was more jessica than jaymz), and I thought his solo was wonderfully entertaining and showed how he had grown more comfortable incorporating other styles into his dancing.

    But I was turned off by his comments.

    Still- really wanted to see EITHER of the other two guys go instead! Especially Ryan!

    Yeah, they didn't really explain why they were sending him home
    And I sing sometimes like my life is at stake because you're only as loud as the noises you make.

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    Jaymz did himself in with his unprepared solo propelling himself off the stage. The kiss of death. He did not appear to be taking the solo part seriously and the judges want someone who wants it badly. I was sorry to see him go ahead of Ryan too. Ivan and Ryan will be the next two.

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    I agree about the solo, Dogbat. Jaymz may have been a better dancer than some of the remaining men, but his attitude killed his chances of going further. Never complain to the judges about their decisions and comments on your performance. And don't think so highly of yourself that you don't put any thought into your solo.
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    Well he can come to mama anytime

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    i think Jaymz will have an acting career rather than a dancing
    hell probably start in some soap opera or something

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    Re: Jaymz - Season 2

    A "High School Musical 2" scene

    Hummm... Is this guy Jaymz?

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    Re: Jaymz - Season 2

    I would say it is...good catch Gonchey!
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    Re: Jaymz - Season 2

    my daughter picked him out almost immediately - her comment - what?!? Jaymz?!?! why?!?!?

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