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Thread: Benji Schwimmer - Season 2 (Choreographer)

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    Luscious Pichus Pookipichu's Avatar
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    Has anyone else noticed he tries too hard to make people think he's straight... it's sort of sad but I'm sure it's because of religious pressure. Perhaps dancing is his catharsis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pookipichu View Post
    Has anyone else noticed he tries too hard to make people think he's straight... it's sort of sad but I'm sure it's because of religious pressure. Perhaps dancing is his catharsis.

    just like clay aiken.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I really liked his dance this week.
    I was surprised how well he and Donyelle danced together and I'm also surprised by the versatility he shown so far in turning his skills to the various styles.

    He clearly had a lot of fans in the audience.
    I think he's very memorable and he does stand out in this group for a number of reasons.
    That can of course make you unpopular as well as popular.

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    I've enjoyed everything I've seen Benji do thus far - he has such a great sense of humour and fun and I neither care nor wish to judge his sexual orientation.

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    Actually, he reminds me a lot of Nick from last season. Especially when he danced hip hop last week. I imagine Nick would have done it in a very similar way.

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    Chihuahua's rule! drkim's Avatar
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    I am more and more impressed with him. He is turning out to be very versatile. He just doesn't look like a dancer. I think he is a lot of fun. And no, I don't think he is trying to make people think he is straight. I have NO idea where that came from??? Who cares and what does that have to do with dancing anyway. Leave it alone.
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    I didn't like him at first because his personality and facial contortions were off putting. I think he is very lucky to have Donyelle as a partner. She gets him and her quiet, grounded energy is a good balance.

    He can sure dance. I expect to see these two standing together in the end.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Couple of pics I have come across:

    Nice little Mormon boy, huh??? (just kidding)

    Benji and Heidi
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    I like Benji a lot more now than I did following the auditions. The way SYTYCD promoted him, he came across as something of a drama queen -- but he doesn't appear to be like that now.

    From the photos above, I think I like him better with his hair a bit shorter. And look at that sixpack!

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    I think Benji is awesome. He has a lot of FUN when he dances and his enthusiasm is contagious. He also seems to be good at working with his partner - as part of a TEAM. I was surprised at his ability to look believable in hip hop, proving that he is more than just a ballroom dancer.
    Personally, I think everyone should be judged on their dancing, not on their sexual preferences... and remember that his GIRLFRIEND dumped him before he went on the church mission. Sometimes people who LOOK like they are gay are not (have you ever watched Designing for the Sexes? The host, Michael Payne looks like he's gay, but he's married with a son).

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