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Thread: Allison Holker - Season 2

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    L0VESdance oOx
    I really thout she was gonna make it to at least the final 4..
    i originally thout maybe alison, heidi, travis & benji..
    but who even knows anymore

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    I liked her until she danced to "We Belong" with a pageant smile on her face. Did she not listen to the lyrics? It's a song about a complicated relationship in which one partner hurts the other, but so much time has been invested, and there is so much passion that manifests itself in both good and bad ways, that the hurt one can't end it. Not smile-y material. She is an excellent dancer, and I liked her pairing with Ivan, but after that solo she lost some respect from me.

    BTW, what was with her and Travis last night? She danced around him like a stripper pole.
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    I think with a little more time under her belt, she'll be great. She just doesn't have the maturity right now to pull off the serious stuff.
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    Her smile was her downfall. We never saw the girl beneath it. The best dancer bites the dust. Too bad. I have to believe someone is watching and will snag her for a production or dance troupe. At 18 she outshines the others in skill. I see a bright future.

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    I am very sad that she left last night. IMO, she was one of the best and Donyelle or Natalie should have left first.

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    Biggest shocker goes to Allison last night. I was sad to see her leave.

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    I was surprised also. She is a brilliant dancer, but lacks appeal to the general public. That will come with maturity. She could improve on feeling the music, not dancing with the same expression all the time. She will be awesome.

    I guess it shouldn't really surprise us that she is out - I mean she has less posts this season than Artem has gotten this season! If she didn't inspire us to talk about her, she didn't inspire phone votes either. Some of the other contestants have 4-7 pages in their threads.
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    Yeah, I too was shocked to see her voted off. I messed up last night on the taping and only got the very end of it when Ryan was dancing his solo for the last time. I wasn't surprised to see him leave, but I was almost certain that Natalie was going to be eliminated this week since she was in the bottom last week.
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    When I was in the audience, everyone was really shocked that she was voted off. It should've been Natalie, but America made their decision.

    I really wanted to see Allison & Travis do contemporary together, but I guess that will never happen. Hopefully it will on the tour.

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    I have to say I was also really surprised when Allison got voted off. I was soo bummed, I almost cried. I've always thought that she would make it to the finals because i thought she was one of the best female dancers
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