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Thread: Dmitry Chaplin - Season 2

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    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!


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    You know, you have to appreciate the fact that these Russian ballroom dancers (Dmitry, Artem, Snow) don't have a chance in He** of winning this thing -- but they sure are great ambassadors for the art of ballroom dancing. I don't think I would have ever realized how sexy and exciting ballroom dancing could be if it hadn't been for Dmitry and Artem.

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    I'm sad Dmitry's gone too, but I have to admit that I think the audience was seeing (literally) more of his abs - which, let's admit, are right up there next to Usher's - than his dancing and I think that's where a lot of the votes came in. Though he's still a really good dancer!
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    I agree that most of the ballroom dancers don't have a chance to win, with the exception of Benji. But, I think the fact that most of them have been Russian and not American has made them targets. I think most of the voters want an American to win it. Unfortunately, the really sexy guys have been Russian ballroom dancers - but at least we got to enjoy the eye candy for a little while.

    I wanted Dimitry to stay a little longer - he was a joy to watch. Those who remain, while good dancers, are bleh in the looks dept.

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    i love dmitry

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    Live Chat with Dmitry Chaplin

    We at Ballroom Dance Channel Social are proud to announce a live interview with Dimitry Chaplin of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday, June 19th, at 5pm PST. Please feel free to email your questions to interview@bdcsocial.com by Tuesday, June 17th, 8pm PST to have them included in our live interview. Then come visit us at So You Think You Can Dance!? Chat - Ballroom Dance Channel Social by 5pm PST on the 19th to see your questions answered live by Dimitry while interacting with other fans!

    Dimitry Chaplain was a top ten finalist on season 2 of So You Think you can dance and was featured in the live national tour for the show. In addition, he has been a top competitor in the ballroom world with partners Ilona Mayzenberg and Heidi Groskreutz. Since competing on SYTYCD, Dimtry has moved to Los Angeles in hopes of building a career in entertainment. He has been featured both as an assistant to Mary Murphy on SYTYCD, as well as choreographing a piece for season 3 contestants Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell, with the assistance of Heidi Groskreutz.
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    Re: Dmitry - Season 2

    Dmitry will be dancing on Dancing with the Stars, his partner is Jewel.

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