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Thread: Snow - Season 1

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    Hoping the second time's the charm.

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    Personally...now that I've had an opportunity to watch her dance over the past two weeks, I love Snow.

    She's the most interesting dancer of all the girls, becasue she isn't the typical American "Dance Team" peppy girl.
    I totally agree with the above statement....unfortunately for that same reason I think she will be gone too soon. Most viewers in the U.S. probably don't have much knowledge or appreciation for ballroom style dancing and because of this won't recognize how truly amazing this girl is. To me she is a breath of fresh air (as is Artem) and I expect to enjoy her performances as long as she manages to stick around.

    I want them to fix the show so she pulls Artem and ballroom dancing out of the hat.
    That would make my day I would love for them to get a chance to showcase their partnership skills with each other, just like Blake and Destiny did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pidge
    Hoping the second time's the charm.
    I thought the saying was "Third times a charm"
    Revenge is ice cream.

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    Ahh, I love Snow and her style of dancing. Unfortunately, I don't think she has any sign of a large enough fan base to keep her in week after week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TymeMarteen
    what is Christina Aguilera doing posing as a Siberian?
    I got a good laugh from that. I love snow, she has an edgy beauty that has my attention, her solo danicing is just great. I wanted to see her do great partner work, but so far her partners have let her down, Allan was out of zone and not him self, and Jamile (imo got lucky the first week) was very ick (or lack of word to use) to watch. I'm hopeing and waiting for her and Artem and get lucky and make a love child that is Ballroom.

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    she's alright.

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    I would much rather see Snow do lyrical.. or of course, ballroom.. than Kamilah do whatever, Destiny do whatever, and Ashley (whose look always rubs me the wrong way) do whatever.

    HOW is it possible that our dear Snow is going to go home before those three?? It is SO not fair. One thing about Snow is that she always has impecable posture! The same -cannot- be said about any of the remaining female dancers, with the exception of Melody. Melissa's shoulders bug, Ashley looks rough, Destiny's dancing is like Alicia Keys' singing, Kamilah is hip hop to the core.

    Snow is actually quite versatile in her ability to pull off different looks, styles, and choreography!

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    I was impressed with Snow tonight. I loved her punk/anime hairdo! And I liked the fact she was willing to try anything.

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    I loved Snow last night but I'm worried that her solo was a bit lacking and being up against Melody (whose solos always seem to look the same to me) are not going to give her good chances to survive.

    She's totally gotten the shaft for both partners & dance styles but she's tried her best.

    How awesome would it have been for her to have done the Paso Doble with Artem. My TV probably would have exploded from the heat

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie727
    I was impressed with Snow tonight. I loved her punk/anime hairdo! And I liked the fact she was willing to try anything.
    yeah willing to try but always fail .. bwahahaha!!!!

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