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Thread: Snow - Season 1

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    Annnnnooooying. That's all I can say.

    Didn't like her outfit for the final dance. Seemed to be a lot of hip twitching and that was about it.

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    She's scarey. Sort of favors Marilyn Manson...freeeeaky looking!!!

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    FORT Hikikomori HaikenEdge's Avatar
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    Too much eye-liner if you ask me. Then again, I say that to a lot.
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    She is sooo boring in my opinion. Her "style" gets old fast. She doesnt' seem versatile at all and her hip hop routine was horrible, Allan aside LOL.

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    Chihuahua's rule! drkim's Avatar
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    I really admire Snow. After living in Russia for a year I can say they all wear way too much eye makeup. The liquid black eye liner business is doing WELL in Russia. So she looks just like a Russian!

    I think she is great.
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    Lil' NADJ
    Everytime she looks at the camera when she isn't dancing I swear she's thinking, "I must break you" like the Russian boxer on Rocky IV. She's also one of the world's greatest 'butterfaces' (everything looks good 'but her face') I've ever seen. Aside from that, and the fact that she isn't very versatile, I can't get enough of that fast hip-swing/twist move she does like a hundred times in a row. Very hot.

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    I really liked Snow's solo this week. Much better than last week.

    She sorta got the shaft again though by getting an inexperienced partner. I'd like to see her stick around because she is interesting.

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    every performance she choreographs, she does the squat thing and puts her arms up behind her back....it's aggravating.
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    Haven't seen her do anything fresh yet. Her routines seem to be made up of a hip swivel, and last night's skirt swirling was just.. too much for too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcina
    Haven't seen her do anything fresh yet. Her routines seem to be made up of a hip swivel, and last night's skirt swirling was just.. too much for too long.
    I think ballroom dancers are really at a disadvantage in terms of what they can do during their freestyle routines. They are used to working with a partner. I'm sure if Snow had to choreograph a duet of some kind, she would be really great. There are lots of different lifts, etc. that can be done in ballroom to make each routine different from the next.

    She's simply less experienced than the others with solo dance.. I think she has really done quite well, considering that. Can you see Artem doing hip hop? Snow actually *handled* the hip hop. While the judges gave her mediocre marks, I thought she performed hip hop much better than the hip hop dancers performed ballroom. This was just never acknowledged by the judges who want to (or have been instructed to) push her as a "diva". She doesn't seem arrogant/diva-ish at all... she was so supportive of her partner, and when asked whether she thought she deserved to be in the bottom 2, she said "what is meant to be is meant to be".

    I like Snow. I want to see her around. I think she's pretty versatile to a degree (when handling *other* people's choreography). The freestyle is a bit more difficult for her, I think. That's okay, she's still an awesome dancer.. and quite striking. I don't consider her a butterface. More like... an Uma Thurman type.

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