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Thread: Jonnis - Season 1

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    And I'm on tonight
    You know my hips don't lie
    And I'm starting to feel it's right
    All the attraction, the tension
    Don't you see baby, this is perfection

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    Re: Jonnis

    Is this the guy that did that really wierd solo that looked like a gorilla having a seizure? OMG, that was so funny!
    I'll never forget seeing it on the soup a couple years ago
    I laughed so hard, it looked so ridiculous
    I searched his name on youtube, but got no results
    Can someone please find some video of him doing that dance?
    I really swear to god it was the most hysterically funny thing I've ever seen in my life
    Please, if someone finds it, tell me!
    I miss AJ!!
    "Immerse your soul in love"-Radiohead

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