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Thread: Mia Michaels - Choreographer

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    Re: Mia Michaels - Choreographer

    Cannot stand this woman. I think she is unnecessarily nasty in some of her criticisms (and they are not just about technique, but in many cases seem like personal attacks). She does tend to favor some dancers over others and those she likes get gushy over-the-top critiques from her. I miss Mary, even her loud boisterous hoots were preferable to this biotch's made-up adjectives and phony "artsy-far*sy" comments.

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    Re: Mia Michaels - Choreographer

    I want Debbie Allen as a judge. She's fair and honest. She's tough but kind. Never over the top either for or against a dancer or routine. No screaming like Mary and no crying jags or bitchy remarks like Mia. She's--- how shall I put it---sane. That's it...I want a sane judge. I want Debbie Allen.

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