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Thread: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I have mixed emotions about the new format. On the plus side, I just love being able to see my favorites again (Mark, Neil and Pasha). And it pretty much assures each contestant won’t have a partner who will handicap them. On the negative side, those three in particular distract me from watching the contestants. So it is not fair to the contestants. Not to mention that it means only having a top 10 (or 11). And I miss being able to have more new dancers to get to know.

    Maybe a compromise would be to go back to a top 20 (or go halfway with a top 14 or 16) and then, like American Idol, have a Tuesday and a Wednesday night performance show, with the girls dancing one night and the guys the next, paired with All-Stars. Once we get down to the top 10, then drop the All-Stars and go back to pairing up the contestants. At that point, there shouldn’t be anyone left who will drag their partner down.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    This is part of the problem for me: We already know the personalities of those All-Stars we love. So when they're on the stage our eyes go to them automatically. Unless their partner is equally strong and can command the stage - the new dancers are going to suffer somewhat.

    There is no journey of discovery and falling in love with 2 new talents. Yes, there are new dancers and I am excited about Alex and Kent but we already know they are going to be paired with seasoned veterans of the show. Soo much of the drama is gone. And it's weird to see one-half of the couple leave the stage after performing, just weird.

    Those dancers who do not have strong stage presence or who are being paired with the superstars (Mark, Pasha) are going to get swallowed up. Even though I enjoyed Mark and Cristina's routine last night, I can barely remember Cristina's part in it. My eyes were glued to Mark.

    I still maintain (I mentioned this after season 2 or 3 I think) that it would be great to have the full 20 dancers and have them rotate partners each week in a systematic order. Dud couples could be avoided easily this way.

    A great solution for all of us to get our fill of our Superstars/Allstars/Eyecandy is to have dance productions on results night instead of musical guests. Really - would you rather see bad lip-synching or a group dance choreo'd by Travis??? Exactly!
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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I mentioned this in the thread that dissapeared last week. I heard that Nigel said the reason for the AllStars was so one partner wasn't "stuck" with a partner that would bring them down or that they would have to "carry". As you said, that could easily be fixed by going back to the format of season one when the partners changed every week. In season one they picked a partner and a dance style out of the hat each week. I think once season 2 hit (Benji/Travis/Heidi/Donyelle I think) and Benji and Donyelle had such chemistry it took away from the other pairings that weren't as wonderful as that one and everyone was sad they were "broken-up" towards the end of the show. I liked the randomness of a different partner each week and I think they should have gone back to that rather than bringing on AllStars. I personally think Nigel thought bringing back the favorites would bring in more ratings as people would tune in to see the dancers they liked from previous seasons. I'm not sure it had much to do with trying not to stick 2 newbies together as he has stated- but of course that sounds better.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I was so bummed. Our cable went out for the first hour and a quarter, so all I got to see of those before Lauren were the recaps at the end.

    Although I seem to be in the minority, I really like having each contestant dance with an all-star. I always felt badly when a good dancer was paired with one who didn't have the same level of skill . . . with the all-stars - professionals now - that factor has been lessened. It was easy for me to focus on the newbies.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I agree, AZChristian--and changing every week when neither partner knows how to do the style doen't really do it for me either. As to the tendency to watch one person over the other, whenever I watch dance, I always make sure to watch individuals and see the whole thing as a unit, at the same timeso I won't miss anything, unless it's a choreographed group where everyone is doing the same thing. (Obviously, watching this way means you miss some things, which is why it's still good to watch the same production more than once)
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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I LOVED Kent and Anya! Kent's faces were priceless and his dancing was pretty good, too. I love how excited he is. He's like a kid at Disney and it's a joy to watch.

    I didn't think anyone did poorly but if I had to pick someone to go home, it would be Melinda. I like Jose but I think he's definitely not on the level of the other dancers. He's adorable, though.

    I loved the dance with Ade and Lauren but she should have been mugging for him and not the audience.
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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Gala62;3937634;
    This is part of the problem for me: We already know the personalities of those All-Stars we love. So when they're on the stage our eyes go to them automatically.

    There is no journey of discovery and falling in love with 2 new talents.

    A great solution for all of us to get our fill of our Superstars/Allstars/Eyecandy is to have dance productions on results night instead of musical guests. Really - would you rather see bad lip-synching or a group dance choreo'd by Travis??? Exactly!
    I would LOVE a reason to WATCH the results show - I hate the fluff musicians - what do they have to do with the dancers??? I would MUCh rather see the all-stars do a group dance AND the contestants do a group dance (maybe those who are not in the bottom 3?)... and demonstrate the styles that are upcoming the following week?

    I really MISS the blended learning excitement between the two newbies... this way it is way too much like DWTS, except I like the experienced dancer... PLEASE bring back more amateurs!

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3937337;
    And the show is ending right on time - major props to director Nikki Parsons! This live show ran flawlessly; she gave us some instant replays; and she put together a summary reel of each of the dances for the end of the show. And brauva to Cat for keeping the judges and the dancers moving.

    Wasn't flawless for me - Chicago area. Comments for Christina and Jose's pre-performance tape were constantly being cut to commercial. Kept going back and forth for a few minutes and was very annoying.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I am so excited to see Usher perform on the show tonight! He's the closest thing we've had to Michael Jackson since Michael Jackson.
    Also, I cannot believe that I forgot to mention Anya's body! Good Lord. That's what women should look like. And I am going to the gym now! lol! Oh and she dances well too!
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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    What's up with the choreographers trying to push sexy on all the female dancers this season? I'm not seeing it, particularly when all of the female dancers lean heavily towards "cute", rather than "sexy".

    Billy - Whenever he did the same choreography as his partner, he ended up feeling awkward. Not sure why that is; I mean, it was a technically sound performance, but it just felt awkward.
    Cristina - Felt like she got crippled by being both partnered with Mark and choreographed by Sonya; her partner's presence dominated the performance, and Sonya's choreography itself is never really all that enjoyable for me. Gets a pass from me for those two reasons; need to see her dance with somebody who doesn't dominate her while being choreographed by somebody whose choreography doesn't annoy me.
    Jose - The only way he's ever going to dance in his own style is if they partnered him with Dominic and had them break together; everything else is really not his style. That said, the entire performance itself felt bland; I rather blame that on the choreography, and I think he did competently despite it.
    Adechike - Pretty much the trinity of bad things falling on this guy's shoulders: choreography, music and partner. Choreography was "meh", music really didn't suit what they were going for, and the partner wasn't close to sexy. Those things considered, have to give him a free pass for the week.
    Melinda - If she wants to be a complete entertainer, she really needs to expand her repertoire. I'm with RLM in that I didn't notice her legs at all because her face was a major distraction; I think she'd make for a better character than a dancer. That aside, I think she looks like she had fun with the performance
    Alex - Brilliant technical dancing; choreography annoyed the bits out of me, though, likely because, like all of Sonya's choreography, I just find it pretentious. Aside from that, not seeing why people are raving about it.
    Alexie - The worse offender of the, "make the female dancer sexy" school of choreography; you can very rarely make "cute" into "sexy", and it pretty much showed in the performance. Choreo was pretty "What the..."; not a fan of Nappytabs, period, and just Napoleon's face make me want to beat the smugness out of him, so I really don't want to judge lest my dislike of the choreographers carry over to the dancer.
    Lauren - A forgettable performance, again marred by the "make the female dancer sexy" choreography. Wasn't sure what the train of thought behind the music was, because it certainly wasn't conductive towards the "first date" theme.
    Kent - Best performance of the night in the sense that, even when I rewatch it, it still feels fun and entertaining.
    Ashley - Forgettable. Fast-forwarded through it when I rewatched the show, which shows much much I didn't enjoy it.
    Robert - Really don't like African dance, and I'll be the first to admit this, so I'm really not to judge the performance, so I won't.

    Bottom 3 (I think that's what they're doing this season) for me are Ashley and Lauren, followed by Melinda.
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