Late to the party and just watched the show today (and then proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa, LOL) and I am wondering if the stripe under Keauna's bra line was where the spray tan missed a section or if that was part of her costume? Did anyone else notice this?

While I'm sure Brandon would have looked good skating is routine had he been healthy, I didn't like the music and choreography at all when it was performed at the end of the show. It seemed like the same moves that were used the first two weeks by him.

Also, the judges seem very much to have a pro-Johnny bias. To my untrained eye, Rebecca is the most enjoyable to watch while Johnny comes in a close second. I agree with the judges on Bethenny that her routines generally look like a series of moves that aren't connected by her movements between the required parts of the routine, plus Bethenny even more than Rebecca appers to rely on her partner to get her through from week to week.

Wasn't the early feedback in the season for the star to trust his/her partner? It seems like that is what Rebecca has been doing, yet she was criticized for not skating enough on her own.

Overall, I'm impressed by what these stars (and their instructors) are doing after so short a time.