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Thread: Skating With The Stars

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    Re: Skating With The Stars

    Dancing with the Stars pushes the cheese factor as it is. Ice skating with the Stars is pure cheese.

    What the heck, though. Looks like fun and provides exposure for fans.

    Couple of thoughts...
    • Sean Young has a reputation for being a nut job, but I liked her tonight. I have a thing for older women doing things beyond the norm.
    • I'm no expert, but I didn't get the judging. I normally agree with the judges on DWTS but not on this show - at least not tonight.
    • I like the choreographer on the panel, but she doesn't belong. I understand the value of choreography but there is so much more to the sport. I would much rather see an ice skater.
    • The athletes were cute and nice and they seemed to have the same kind of good juju as on DWTS. That makes all the difference.
    • What's with the host complimenting the stars and pros on their physical appearance? Couldn't tell if he was gay or straight but either way, his comments were inappropriate and plain old awkward.
    • I'm not a Bethany fan, but she should be on DWTS. She'd be fun to watch. The one judge called her out by saying she needs to commit to the show or sit on the side. I can see Bethany making the show a side-note.
    • I was a little bored. The pace of the skating was too slow. Maybe it will pick up as the skaters get more experience.
    • My favorites are Brandon Mychal Smith, Vince Neil, and Sean Young.
    It's a good one-time only show for the holidays - kind of like the singing show with Nick Lachey (love that show...loved the choir show from a few year's back the best, though).
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    Re: Skating With The Stars

    Definitely could see it was not the first time that Rebecca had been on skates.
    They said she came in 4th in a skating contest when she was young. It showed tonight. She did a lovely job.
    I missed the Disney guy at the beg. of the show, so I can't comment on him.
    I did think Sean's dance was quite graceful and lovely.
    I expected Johnny to be a lot better, but I guess you can't compare skating to skiing.
    Since they said that Vince had also skated when he was young, I expected him to be better than he was.
    I didn't really enjoy Bethenny's skating that much. I think it was great that she could the spins and lifts, but, I just didn't see any flow or fluidity in her dancing.

    I'm amazed at how low key Johnny Weir is on this show.
    I'm not enjoying the choreographer at all. She just comes across as too brash for my liking.
    I've always liked Dick Button. Who else can get away with comments like he makes?!!
    Overall, I think I much preferred FOX's Skating with Celebrities. Perhaps, a lot was due to the star pros on that. Overall, it just seemed to have a lot more energy than this show did.

    Based on the skaters I saw, I'd say Rebecca is the one to beat. She was just lovely to watch. Sorry I missed the Disney kid. I think he probably would have been good.
    My second favorite is Sean. She was a lot more graceful than I would have expected.
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    Re: Skating With The Stars

    WOW....I am not sure what to think, except that it sure was a strange and somewhat comical show. Here are some of my observations:

    -Where do they get these british type accented hosts? Who is that guy?

    -I felt some of the better skaters purposely did not do as well as they could, to allow purposeful improvement on the next shows(s). I felt they were purposely holding back to make it look like they werent as good as they really are. A good example is the skiier guy. I watched him closely, and he seemed to be purposely holding back and seemed to be purposely making himself look a little awkward on the skates during the performance. But as soon as performance was over, he easily + confidently skated over to the judges table. The same kind of thing happened with that girl skater who had previous experience as a kid.

    -The whole show reminded me of the comedy movie "Blades of Glory", especially with the gimmick area where they skate behind the rink in that sem-circle area. I just found myself laughing through most of the show.

    -That poor older lady skater sure looked like she was terrified out there. She must have taken some falls during practice, because it was obvious she was terrified.

    -I am seriously afraid that someone is going to get hurt out there. They need to be careful of not having their skate blades brush against bare skin, like head or neck area. This is a disater waiting to happen.

    -Lastly...Why do all these shows always need a judge to be the "bad guy" judge. We now have the older gentleman who thinks he is the middle judge on DWTS or a Simon Cowl wantebe. Enough already with forcing a judge to be the bad guy. That is so old already. They don't even try to hide the fakeness anymore.

    Can't wait for next week.

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    Re: Skating With The Stars

    I agree with the above posts about the cheeseiness of this show--- but I will still watch. The host was positively irritating to me! I'd had enough of his verrrrry British voice after 10 minutes-- plus I agree about his odd comments on mainly the guys, for example how well one looked in leather, the guns on another, etc--- odd.

    That one pro skater could have been Cheryl Burke's sister she looked and talked so much like her!

    The show seemed to be Very scripted, comment wise. Dick Button appeared to be saying things he'd rehearsed for sure. Didn't he mean to say ''Bam.Bam.Bam. It was like you were Jackhammering there!" Instead of ''hammerjacking"? Then later on after he made a comment that was 'Lynn like' he followed up with ,'' I said that right, didn't I?" or something to that effect.

    I know I'm in the minority here.... but something about Johnny Weir weirds me out. He's tooooo over the top for my taste. I feel like he's wearing a pair of sparklie high heels behind that desk! (ducking my head, I know I'm probably alone here)

    I think Jill Zarin got to the judges --- Bethenny's scores should not have been one point higher than Vince Neils!

    And I agree-- I think some of the skaters were holding back and will shine later on. I think it will end up between Rebecca and Johnny at the end.

    Wasn't Rebecca having the time of her life?! You could tell it was a dream come true to be able to dance pairs on tv like she'd played like doing with her sister years ago. Nice to see.

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