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Thread: Jillian Barberie

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    Boom Bazooka Joe! Amy Lee's Avatar
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    She's actually been very forthcoming about her semi-skating past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee View Post
    She's actually been very forthcoming about her semi-skating past.
    Yup. She even referred to it last week when Dorothy Hamill was gushing about how well she did. She said something about how Dorothy was her idol when she was young and trying to be a competitive skater or something like that.
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    Whatever happened to Good Day Live. I mean one day she was gone.
    Was it Ex-treme Dating?

    I think it not fair that she used to skate.

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    Jillian Barbieree

    For Not being a professional Skater Miss Barbieree surprises me with how Graceful she is!!! She is a Pressure to Watch Indeed!!!

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    My husband is in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with Jillian.......she is the only reason he watches the show...I kind of like her,she seems like someone I could be friends with,plus it's nice that as gorgeous as she is,she isn't a bitch.
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    Yay Jillian!!!

    There are ALOT of men who feel the way your husband dose about her!!! It is almost as tho they can't help themselves!!! I too find her very personable maybe that is why she has had the kind sucess she has had in broadcasting. That and the great looks can't hurt either EVERYBODY WINS!!!
    Thanks for your reply to my post ~Shelia~

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    Jillian looked absolutely gorgeous in that "Barbarella on Ice" outfit she was wearing this week.

    I'm not a man, but she's the only person I'm really watching. Well, her and John. Since they went first this week, I just totally tuned out after their skate.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Hey Snowflake!!! From Shelia

    Hey Snowflake!!!

    You know what makes Jillian the MOST interesting to watch on that Show - It is the fact that she truly cares and as a passion for it!!! And you can tell!!!

    The others "bless them" they, although having fun, some of them, seem, in my humble opinion mind you, to be just skating thro!!! (pun intended)

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my Post also Thanks for sending the good vibes too!!! I too send some your way!!!

    Lastly let me say I Love America's Next Top Model too!!!
    My favorite part of that show is when they show the girls pictures from the work they did that week!!!
    Sometimes those Pictures can be just Magnificent!!!!

    As you yourself seem to be Thanks again Snowflake!!! ~Shelia~

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman79 View Post
    I like her, because she doesn't take herself seriously.
    After watching her the last few weeks I would say she is taking herself a bit too seriously. There is no reason to push herself so hard that she is having this many injuries, it's not worth it. She should be having some fun with this.

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    Yay!!! Jillian!!!

    I think there is a very serious personal reason why she is pushing herself at this!!! If you remember, during one of her first interviews she actually said this- She said "I have to do good at this This is the one thing my parents would be proud of me for doing!"
    So that is Mommy and Daddy's little girl out there trying to make them proud!! God Bless her I hope she doesn't push herself too hard! Like pass the breaking point!!! Thanks for your interest in my post ~Shelia~

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