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  1. Ex-husband of GMA Dr. Jen Ashton commits suicide
  2. Playboy Mansion Sold to Twinkies Owner
  3. Erin Andrews Awarded $55 million
  4. The Duggar Family (non-TV show news)
  5. Kardashian Gossip
  6. Linsday Lohan in talks to play Elizabeth taylor
  7. Already Controversy Over The X-Factor
  8. Charlie Sheen and 2.5 Men
  9. Octomom might get off welfare
  10. Miley Cyrus: Party(ing) in the USA...
  11. Giudice Trial on Bankruptcy Fraud Charges
  12. Punishing the Party Girls
  13. Mel Gibson is a waste of human flesh
  14. What celebrity death really affected you?
  15. Bret Michaels suffers HUGE brain bleed. Critical Condition
  16. Ricky Martin comes out of the closet
  17. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
  18. The Baldwin Topic
  19. Dr. Conrad Murray - Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter in Michael Jackson death
  20. Tiger Woods' Accident
  21. About Jon and Kate Plus Or Minus Eight
  22. Ellen To Be Idol's New Judge
  23. Director John Hughes - dead at 59
  24. Steve McNair found dead
  25. Farrah Fawcett Dead at 62
  26. Michael Jackson
  27. Patrick Swayze
  28. Farrah Fawcett Dying--The Documentary On NBC
  29. Chris Brown/Rihanna situation
  30. The Movie Casting Rumor Topic
  31. What celebrity do you share a birthday with?
  32. The Wacko Jacko Topic
  33. Jennifer Hudson's Mother, Brother Shot Dead In Chicago
  34. Celebaby News: aka "What NOT to name your kid"
  35. Paris: Our favorite city, our least favorite Hilton
  36. Rest In Peace.
  37. Bo Diddley dies at 79
  38. Country Legend Eddy Arnold dies
  39. Singer Al Wilson Dies
  40. Singer Paul Davis Dies
  41. Update on The Jackson Family
  42. Legendary Jeff Healey Dead at 41
  43. Brandy Crash May Not Be Her Fault
  44. Canadian Jazz Great Oscar Peterson Dies
  45. Dan Fogelberg RIP
  46. Ike Turner Is Gone
  47. Singer Robert Goulet Dies at 73
  48. Paul McCartney Separates From Wife
  49. Britney Spears Just Won't Go Away
  50. Miscellaneous Celebrity News
  51. All Things Brangelina
  52. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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