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  1. The Contender
  2. "The Next Great Champ" moving to Fox Sports Net
  3. 9/28 recap: Sickness Trumps Godliness
  4. 9/21 recap: Not-Quite-Total Knock-Out
  5. This show is already in trouble
  6. 9/14 recap: "The Romantic Bites the Dust"
  7. 9/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**
  8. Boxing Shows Fight Reveal
  9. 9/7 recap: "Eleven Boxers and One Angry Egomaniac"
  10. 9/7 Show Discussion **Spoilers**
  11. Arsenio "R.C. Rey" Reyes
  12. Otis "Triple O.G." Griffin
  13. Mike "Pit Bull" Vallejo
  14. Lawrence "Lights Out" Alonzo
  15. Gilbert "The General" Zaragoza
  16. Fred "Boom Boom" Bachmann
  17. David "Danger" Pareja
  18. Paul "The Perfect Storm" Scianna
  19. Rene "Lone Star" Armijo Jr.
  20. James "Marvelous" Mince
  21. Luis "The Body Snatcher" Corps
  22. Mohamad "The Monarch" ElMahmoud
  23. The Next Great Champ & The Contender's Court Results
  24. FOX to premiere "The Next Great Champ" on 09/07 (updated)
  25. Fox Takes Swing At Copy-cat Claims
  26. "The Next Great Champ" Finalists Announced
  27. Stallone vs. De La Hoya: Real fight behind TV set
  28. Round 1: Stallone vs. De La Hoya
  29. FOX and Oscar De La Hoya search for "The Next Great Champ"

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