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Thread: Paris and Nicole are 'b*****s from hell'

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    Paris and Nicole are 'b*****s from hell'

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been called "b*****s from hell" by a man they worked for during their reality show.

    For The Simple Life 3 the pair travelled around America on Greyhound buses, interning in various jobs along the way reports IOL.com.

    Larry LoSchiavo, manager of the Quality Auto Centre in Bloomfield, New Jersey, was far from impressed with their work.

    He said: "I have nine kids and none of them have ever given me as many problems as these two did in just one day!

    "Paris and Nicole were the b*****s from hell. After their internship, my wife and I ran into the girls at the Clifton Commons movie theatre. Neither one could be bothered to come over and say: 'Hi.' All I got from Nicole was a slight flip of her hand in our direction, but apparently she was too busy gabbing on her cell phone to spare a few moments with us."

    LoSchiavo, who claims the show's production company had to buy two customers' cars after Hilton and Richie ruined them by backing one into the other, also calls their plan to steal a police car during their stint at his business "totally irresponsible".

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    I wonder if anyone will be surprised by this. I know I wasn't.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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