Um...isn't Nicky the sister who actually went to school for fashion design?

PARIS HILTON is feuding with her sister NICKY over whose name should head the publicity campaign for their joint business venture.

The hotel heiresses intend to open a line of upscale retail stores selling clothes and accessories they have designed, but Paris is convinced she will prove to be the major attraction to customers, not her lesser-known 21-year-old sibling.

And so Paris is insisting all their products feature her name sprawled across them.

A source tells gossip site THE SCOOP, "It's not a matter of pettiness or sibling rivalry. It's being a smart businesswoman.

"Her attitude is, basically, it's me who the public are interested in.

"She feels the products should be called HEIRESS PARIS."
08/02/2005 17:46