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Thread: 1/26 Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    I can't believe i missed last night's show. The home Paris and Nicole were staying at was my Teacher's home. The Brower family. Like almost everyone in our school was talking about it today and I was clueless lol. My teacher is the oldest son, Robert. I heard he was on for like 10 seconds though lol.
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    I agree with the others that some parts of it seem pretty set up, but this show is a totally guilty pleasure...it's hilarious. Lots of funny moments, we were laughing through most of it

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    Interns: The dog thing sucked!

    Ya, know, maybe I just dont get it, but the Great Dane "give and take away" was way f*@^ed...I was so turned off by that, I dont think I want to watch any more episodes...Not funny...that was way wrong. That family liked those dogs, and had not way to pay for them....I just dont see the humor in that. I can appreciate the girls, I mean in episode 1 with the whole Sonic Burger Job put me on the floor with tears rolling down my face, or the sausage factory job killed me too, but where is the humor in the dogs? Not cool.:nono

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