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Thread: Nicole Richie's Morgue Horror

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    Nicole Richie's Morgue Horror

    NICOLE RICHIE was horrified when bosses of her reality show THE SIMPLE LIFE suggested she work at a morgue - because she's afraid of dead people.

    The TV star and her best pal PARIS HILTON recently travelled around the north-east region of America, working in various jobs for the third season of their reality show THE SIMPLE LIFE, and they were far from impressed when one of their required internships was at a morgue.

    Nicole says, "I didn't really wanna do that job. I was fighting with the directors on it because I'm afraid of dead people and that's just really sad. I didn't want to offend anybody."

    But Nicole was able to find a way with completing her internship without having to handle a corpse. She adds, "I didn't really interact with the dead; I did planning for the people that were planning their own funerals.

    "I tried to make it as fun as possible. I don't like talking about death, I mean it's so rude. I just asked them, 'Do you want a sound system in your casket? We can play BEYONCE (KNOWLES) for you.'"

    24/01/2005 21:20
    Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlf...orgue%20horror
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    'Do you want a sound system in your casket? We can play BEYONCE (KNOWLES) for you.'"

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    "I'm afraid of dead people"

    How many dead bodies has she been in contact with to conclude she's "afraid of them"? I think she's more 'grossed out' or 'freaked out' by dead bodies.
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    Is there anyone else who finds this kind of tasteless. I mean there is the feelings of the dead persons family to consider. I don't think I would want to be confronted by Nicole Richie and a film crew while I tried to plan a funeral. I hope that they only allowed her to do pre-need planning.
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