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Thread: The Simple Life 3 In The Works

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    The Simple Life 3 In The Works

    October 26, 2004 -- PARIS and Nicole are going to leave the driving to Greyhound.
    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the ditz-lectic duo from Fox's "The Simple Life" are all set to embark on the third installment of the show tomorrow a month-long trip around the Northeast in a Greyhound bus.

    The girls' exact time of departure is still up in the air, though, as the series schedule frequently changes.

    "They'll be staying with different families for different lengths of time while they do a variety of jobs," a source close to the production told The Post yesterday.

    The jobs will include professional internships and will range from white collar to blue from politics and finance to industry and service jobs.

    Details of the different jobs Paris and Nicole will be required to work are still under wraps so that the girls are surprised at each stop when they learn what they'll need to do to earn money.

    The pair returns, if everything goes as planned, to New York City in about four weeks.

    The bus is a regular Greyhound, with drivers provided by the company. It will have no special luxuries to accommodate the Hilton heiress and her best friend, singer Lionel Richie's daughter.

    The pair will not be using the vehicle as their base of operations as they did last season, when they attempted to drive from Florida to California while living in a Airstream trailer. They made it as far as Texas before calling it quits.

    This time regular folks with bus tickets who just happen to be traveling along the same route as the girls could end up on the show as guest stars, the production source said.

    In the last two installments of the show, Hilton drove everywhere sometimes seemingly out of control.

    On the show's first edition last year, the Arkansas family that Paris and Nicole were living with loaned them a beat-up old pickup truck. In several episodes, Paris was seen driving erratically down dirt roads.

    Last season she drove the tractor-trailer rig about a thousand miles, and was seen on camera barely keeping it on the road at times.

    In one instance, Paris held up traffic at a toll booth while the pair begged other drivers for loose change to cover the toll.

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    That's hot!
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    Ok. I'll be the first one: :deadhorse
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    Oh, I feel for the poor passengers. . And what about Tinkerbelle? I guess she'll have to stay home this time.

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    I do think they are running this show into the ground, but I still can't wait for it. It's just so hilarious!

    Can you imagine the passengers on that bus? I don't know if I could take it, really...
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