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Thread: The Simple Life 3 In The Works

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    The Simple Life 3 In The Works


    August 4, 2004 --

    WE'LL always have Paris (and Nicole) well, at least for another season.

    "The Simple Life 2" wraps tonight with a two-part finale, and plans are already in motion to bring series stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie back for another "Simple Life" adventure but just what that project will entail hasn't yet been determined.

    "We have a deal in place with Paris and Nicole for more of 'The Simple Life,' " Fox entertainment chief Gail Berman said recently. "And we are discussing ideas with [show creators] Bunim-Murray and 20th Century Fox Television right now."

    That's a good thing, since "The Simple Life 2," like its predecessor, "The Simple Life," has been a hit for Fox, which has struggled without "American Idol" anchoring its prime-time lineup.

    "The Simple Life 2" has averaged over 9 million viewers a week Fox's top-rated show, both in total viewers and key demos and has kept viewers chattering about the exploits of Paris and Nicole. The girls wrap their cross-country tour tonight (9-10 p.m./Ch. 5) with their usual, er, style.

    "Fox needs 'The Simple Life' and it deserves to be renewed," says industry analyst Marc Berman of Mediaweek. "No matter where it airs, there's an audience for it.

    "They should ride the wave while they can."

    In tonight's first episode, the pair travel to the Click Ranch in Texas, where they give the family's father some advice on how to be more romantic with his wife. They also get jobs at the local sheriff's station.

    In the second episode, the girls head home to Beverly Hills, but not before stopping at another Texas ranch to participate in a cattle drive.

    Their enthusiasm takes a detour, however, when Paris and Nicole learn the cattle are about to be slaughtered and the girls take matters into their own hands!

    While Hilton and Richie have agreed to another season of the show, it's anyone's guess what will happen with their TV careers beyond that point.

    Hilton, in particular, has expressed interest in pursuing a big-screen career. She'll appear in "National Lampoon's Pledge This!" next year and is filming a role in "House of Wax."

    Richie will co-star on the big screen in the upcoming movie "Kids in America."

    Paris Hilton will rev up for a third season of "The Simple Life" but could put the brakes on future installments.

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    That's fine with me! Paris and Nicole are outrageous but they're much fun. It's no brainer TV, which I look forward to sometimes after a busy day. I do hope they come up with something a little different for next season, though.

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    I've asked before, but I have to ask again...who are these 9 million people?!! Aside from me, of course, but in my case I have to.

    Maybe the Hilton requires all employees to tune in every Wednesday?

    All kidding aside, as much as I make fun of the show, I do enjoy watching it. Dinahann described it well, it's no-brainer entertainment, requiring nothing more than a nominal amount of attention. Like a fish tank, except filled with dirty-mouthed, couture-clad heiresses.
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    The show was fun the first season, but's it's a one joke concept. Let it die.

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    I would watch it, but after a while it will get very boring... :/
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    Well I would watch it cause I love it, it's so hilarious I'm addicted. Didn't they say somewhere that they would do a SL3 if they got to shop for free and everything would be paid for. I know they were joking but I hope thats not what its gonna be about.

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