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Thread: 7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only, until at least 1am Eastern.

    Thanks, and enjoy the show!

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    Empty thread. *crickets*

    I just wanted to say that family was pretty wacky, but their farmhouse was beautiful. I loved the aqua walled bathroom with the polished hardwood floor.
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    I thought the family was also a little eccentric. Funniest parts:

    Giving the chicken a makeover
    The dancing sheep
    The plopping noise when Paris took off Tinkerbell's shoes
    The son showing off his L.A. tan

    Tink and Honey were in this episode. I've never seen Honey before tonight...so cute. But how can they afford dog food for them? Paris seems to care a lot about animals so I don't think they'd just neglect their babies.

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    Another boring episode, this show is going downhill.

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    The episode WAS the most boring. I think it's cause the family didn't harrass them, so there were no sparks/fights/etc.

    Doesn't matter though, I'll keep watching.

    I looked away from the tv for a SPLIT damned second and didn't notice what they were pointing at in the bathroom. Can someone enlighten me? They were both looking up and I think it was Nicole who pointed upward and they had funny looks on their faces. What was it?!!? Gah! I hate missing things.

    This family was too nice. They were really TRYING to spice it up by talking about the pet pig that they were eating, but I'm SURE it was all done on the urging of the producers.
    They kept talking as if they were going to have "farm hands" (like they were hard-nosed) and they were going to have'm clean the outhouse. That never came about, cause you know the family was just trying to sound "tough".

    The boys wanted them to kiss on them SO BAD. awww. No go.
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