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Thread: 7/7 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    and what exactly are crawfish,,,like shrimp?
    In Ontario, we call them crayfish, and they look like tiny little lobsters.

    In what universe is it a good idea to use Paris & Nicole as chaperones for a 13-year old?

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    the sweetest thing snickers's Avatar
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    man the lousiana accent is sooo strong in some areas

    i thought the girl looked nice, but the makeup was bad

    i think the whole season has not been so good

    nicole makes a cool friend i think

    so what are the rumors about her friendship with paris??? are they still fighting??? or is just they were on the road for too long and just ended up getting on each others nerves too much....it was kinda odd that she was "sick" and they didn't show anything about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by snickers
    man the lousiana accent is sooo strong in some areas
    Oh so true. I live about 15 minutes from Henderson and a lot of times I don't even hear the cajun accent. Take for instance Ali Landry, she is from the Breaux Bridge area. Compare Jake Delhomme, quarterback of the Panthers, also from that area. She doesn't really have the strong cajun accent, but he sure does. Weird how some things happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CourtneyLove
    Paris kissed a frog. It's official: she will put ANYTHING in her mouth, as long as it's not actual food.

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    If you go down real deep into Louisiana, you'll hear the Cajun accent a lot. I had a professor from there and it surfaces every once in a while.

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