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Thread: Socialites in the swamp

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    Socialites in the swamp

    Henderson family hosts stars of TV’s ‘Simple Life 2’

    HENDERSON — Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie didn’t make a good first impression with Laurette Mequet of Henderson. With cameras rolling, the TV stars arrived with an attitude at Cypress Cove Landing, Mequet’s houseboat rental business on the Atchafalaya Basin.

    Mequet was ready to share the basin’s beauty with these Beverly Hills socialites. But Richie was not in the mood.

    “We’re walking down the docks and I stop and I say, ‘Smell this fresh air’,” said Mequet. “They’re from the city. They don’t have this.

    “Well, Nicole does, ‘It smells like s--t’ and the director said ‘Cut.’ They could tell in my face, when I turned, I wasn’t happy. If she would have been closer, I could have just thrown her in.

    “She apologized and says ‘It really does smell good.’ But we had to do that part again.”
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    hmmmm, theres a Cypress Cove here in Central Florida that is a nudist colony? now that would be interesting...

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