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Thread: What To Expect This Season

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    What To Expect This Season


    June 14, 2004 -- DEAR Mr. Letterman: It wasn't personal just business.
    Love, Paris.

    That's sort of what hotel heiress Paris Hilton says was the reason for bailing out of a guest spot with David Letterman's "The Late Show" last year during the height of hysteria surrounding an x-rated video of her and an old boyfriend that had surfaced on the Internet.

    "Dave's been wanting me to come on the show and I heard him asking for me last time when every thing was going on with the first show," Hilton says. "And he's one of my favor ite talk show hosts, so I'm excited to go and see him."

    She'll have a lot more explaining to do to Letterman's face tonight, when she fi- nally arrives on the show to promote "Simple Life 2" the summer reality series debuting Wednesday on Fox.

    On the second season of the fish out of water show, Hilton and her pal Nicole Richie attempt a road trip, towing a cushy silver Airstream trailer from Florida back to their Beverly Hills homes but only make it as far as Texas.

    Along the way, Hilton is stomped by a horse at a Florida ranch, the pair work as maids at a nudist colony and Richie gets stung by a scorpion.

    It's a far cry from the girls' typically posh, jet-setting lives.

    But would they do another season of the show if they're asked?

    "If they came up with a cool idea, maybe . . ." says Hilton.

    At the nudist colony, "I saw a pierced wiener," says Richie.

    "Ewww," squeals Hilton. "I've never seen old people naked before, it was gross."

    Old naked people and irate animals are the least of their troubles on this trip. Along the way they live with various families and take a slew of minimum wage jobs and try hard to hardly work.

    "Obviously, if we just sit there and do all the jobs correctly . . ." says Hilton.

    "Then that's boring and nobody wants to watch it," finishes Richie.

    "We just mess up more stuff this time," says Hilton.

    Last season, that attitude resulted in mayhem at places like a dairy farm and a Sonic fast food restaurant. This season, among other things, the girls are given badges and get to drive around in a radio car as cops for a day.

    "Our job as producers is to try and throw them into situations that throw them a little off kilter," says executive producer John Murray co-creator of "The Real World."

    "We're always looking for the stuff that rings true and is funny," he said.

    "We're just being ourselves," says Richie. "We're entertainers, we're actresses and we do the show and make it funny," says Hilton.

    "A lot of the things I do on the TV show I wouldn't do in real life, I know I'm being filmed," says Hilton. "I know it's a funny show and people love it and it makes people laugh, and that's all I care about."

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