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Thread: Simple Life 2

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    You know and I know my co-workers will be hooked into to this show I've already had two come to me in private and "confess" they were getting into the show the last time around and they're looking forwrd to SL2. So being the good natured sport that I am I decided to keep this all on the down low....for now Just wait I'm going to get such a buzz with all those free drinks.
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    I think they're totally fun. I'd party with them, because I think they're a riot. Well, until Nicole gets too drunk and starts throwing bleach everywhere.. that's when suddenly I'm sitting at the bar and I don't know them.

    I'll definately be watching SL2, it's just fun humor. I love how they crack jokes.
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    So would I. Their show is a blast. Yeah, Nicole looks like she would be crazy if she were to throw down a couple brews at a bar. between the two of them I think Nicole is the funniest.

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