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Thread: Paris Pauses to Mourn

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    Paris Pauses to Mourn

    Paris Pauses to Mourn
    Wed Mar 17, 9:00 PM ET

    By Sarah Hall

    Even perennial party girl Paris Hilton knows when to tone down her act.

    The flaxen-tressed heiress took a break from filming the second season of her Fox reality show, The Simple Life, to mourn the death of her grandmother, Marilyn Hilton.

    The Hilton matriarch died last week at the age of 76 after a long struggle with multiple sclerosis.

    Paris and the rest of the Hilton clan turned out for the funeral service in Beverly Hills.

    But the Simple Life star didn't stay home for long--she was due to return to her cross-country road trip this week, her publicist confirmed to E!

    This season of The Simple Life features Paris and celebutante sidekick Nicole Richie trekking across the U.S. in a pink pickup towing a live-in trailer. Their journey begins in Miami Beach and concludes in Beverly Hills.

    The privileged pair will break for pit stops with several different families along the way--a change from the extended Arkansas home stay featured in the first season.

    Employment will be arranged for them, but the girls will have to fend for themselves in all other areas--hair, makeup, wardrobe--even mechanical failure.

    The hilarity sure to ensue upon exposing Middle America to celebutantes sans credit cards, cell phones and cash will be stretched over eight episodes--double the number originally ordered for the first season.

    The road trip will be a first for Paris, who has claimed that the longest distance she had ever driven was the two hours from Los Angeles to Palm Springs.

    The Simple Life 2 is scheduled to air in June.

    Before the advent of The Simple Life and, of course, a certain sex tape, Paris was best known for being a full-time heiress, part-time model.

    Her modeling career is going strong--she has reportedly signed on as the new face of Guess?--but Paris is also landing acting gigs left and right. In addition to guest spots on Las Vegas and The O.C., she's scored a starring role in the upcoming horror film, House of Wax, set to film in Australia beginning in May.

    Paris also had a small part in the upcoming Raising Helen, starring Kate Hudson and due in theaters in May.

    Nor is she stopping there--the socialite is also recording a CD and shopping a book proposal about, well, how to be Paris Hilton.

    It seems we'll always have Paris--at least for the foreseeable future.

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    I wonder what the funeral was like? What extra touch they added being the Hilton's and all.

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    76 is a good life. I know we kinda like to dig up the dirt on these girls and trash them while sometimes forgeting that the show is all just all fun and games as well as a lot of their antics off the show. I'm sure the loss was heart felt. Here's to her family.
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    How sad that she had a long battle with a terrible disease. Best wishes to the family.
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    Mizz Piper
    The event was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful person. I'm sure if Paris or her family read these posts they would appreciate your caring words. Paris' other grandmother passed away three years ago and that was tough on her and the family too.

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