Found this in my local paper.

TV show auditions seek hosts for travels of multimillionaires

LAFAYETTE — Mega-rich girls Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie want to get a little bit country again, and they plan to do it in Acadiana.

Families from across the region vied to host the girls when “The Simple Life 2” films them on a

10-week odyssey across rural America. The last series had the tabloid staples living with a rural Arkansas family.

One of the hopeful families that showed up early for the casting call were the Mequets, who live at the edge of Henderson Swamp.

“I think it would be great to show the girls what Cajun life is really like and not what they have seen in the movies,” said Laurette Mequet. She brought her husband, Mitch, and her two children — Jenny, 13, and Jude, 18 — to the Holidome where the auditions were held.

“I’m really proud of the Atchafalaya Basin heritage,” Mequet said. “I would love to show Paris and Nicole a little slice of Cajun life.”

That was what Shannon Powers wanted to hear. She is a casting associate with Bunim/Murray Productions of California to find the perfect family. The company is doing the casting and then making its recommendations to the Fox Network, which produces the show.

“We are not here to make fun of anyone,” said Powers, who is a native of New Orleans. “What we want are families that represent the area. Everyone will have a good time, but we want the girls to be able to learn something about each area they will visit.”

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