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Thread: Paris Hilton to fill book with her pearls of wisdom

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    Paris Hilton to fill book with her pearls of wisdom

    Worldly wisdom direct from Paris

    'Diet Coke is for fat people'


    Never drink Diet Coke. Always pack too much. Don't be too easy. Try to be born into the right family.

    That's some of the oh-so-helpful advice Paris Hilton plans to serve up in the book she's just been signed to write for Simon & Schuster.

    From the looks of the proposal that was shopped around, the tome won't be quite as revealing as the infamous video of Paris with her ex-boyfriend.

    But it exposes plenty of things you didn't know about Paris - and quite a few you'll wish you didn't.

    For instance, the hotel heiress confides that sometimes she takes a shower before a bath - but only "if I feel really dirty." (No details on how often that is.)

    And who knew that the jejune jet-setter deigns to take the New York City subway from time to time? "It stinks - literally, it smells like p---," she divulges.

    Will the fashion plate buck recent trends and continue to step out in those butt-baring designer denims she's so fond of?

    "I will stay with low jeans until I have a kid," Paris vows. "Then I'll have to find special low-riding maternity jeans."

    Paris is picking up some pocket change - less than $1 million - for "Tongue in Chic." The proposal obtained by the Smoking Gun Web site, promises readers a dozen photo-filled chapters on the World According to Paris, including tips on how you can be just as fabulous as her:

    "Never drink Diet Coke," she counsels. "Diet Coke is for fat people."

    "Only sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets with a 400 to 600 thread count."

    "Always pack more than you need ? three times as much - then don't wear any of it and buy all new stuff."

    "Don't be too easy. Too easy and a guy knows he has you."

    But Hilton also wants the public to know her life isn't perfect. She's got problems - just like you. Well, she's got problems, anyway.

    "Sometimes I'll request vegetarian meals on planes and they won't be there. That is so annoying," she writes.

    "And having a stewardess spill something on you can totally ruin your flight. I hate rude stewardesses. It's like, 'Hello, I'm paying, be nice to me.'"

    She'd like to get married and have a boy named London and a girl named China, but her modeling and acting career is stopping her from settling down.

    And straightening those platinum tresses takes up so much time!

    "No one really knows this but I have curly hair - I hate it," she whines.

    Not that she's shallow or anything. Maybe she used to be, but Hilton says the scandal over her X-rated video made her reevaluate her priorities. "I used to have fun and dress up - and that was my life," she writes. "But ... I've grown up a lot. I'm still gonna be me - but I've decided to change the way I dress."
    ETA: The link to the full book proposal is here.
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    in the kitchen, darling!
    And here I've been wasting my time reading War and Peace.
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    .... she'll have to dictate... she probably couldn't spell some of those words.... maternity? there's no way

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    OOO i cant wait!

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    Now there's a book that will fit nicely into my back pocket.

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    I can think of other places Paris can stick her book.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    She has enough 'Pearls of Wisdom' for a book? I'd have guessed it would be a flyer....

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