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Thread: What's That Song? (no, Not The Ms Hilton One), Please Help!

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    Hell On Heels

    What's That Song? (no, Not The Ms Hilton One), Please Help!

    In the very first episode when Paris gets in her car to go shopping with Nicole at the Dior boutique they play a song that Paris is playing in her car and I can't make out any of the lyrics but the song is really loud and the lyrics are like gibberish.
    Does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it?
    If anyone recorded that first episode, can you please go back and review it and help me out?
    Please help!

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    Hell On Heels
    Nevermind. I Found The Song!

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    Maybe you could then post the name of the song, 'cause maybe other people want it too!?

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    Another song

    Do any of you know who plays and what the title is of the song featured in one of the episodes. It is where Paris and Nicole are at the club in Arkansas at first there is the country music playing then Nicole choses the song begining 'let this dance floor rock tonight'. Does any one know any information on this song!!!

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    The name of the song in the disco is by Penfifteen Club (PEN15 Club, haha), and called "Disco MF".


    Click on "songs" and you can hear it.

    The other song is also by them, and is called "the High Low Class". And "Ms. Hilton" is also by them, fyi.

    All can be heard on their website.

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