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Thread: 1/13 show discussion ** SPOILERS **

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    Thankfully I recorded this show and watched it this morning. Then I was able to fast forward through the terrible work of Leeza and the general poor production of that entire reunion show.

    I thought I was watching an info-mercial. Leeza couldn't ask any interesting questions that didn't take more than a single word to answer. They set the family too far away from both Leeza and the Women. The audience was obviously coached heavily.

    And Leeza, stop talking such inane things.

    I think there could have been some interesting discussions about what it was like in that environment for the ladies, but instead it was just stupid talk.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    How totally stupid to have idiotic Leeza as the host. "So, Anthony....did you get that threesome??" WTF?!?!?! She sucks as the host on her own show, WHO THE HELL THOUGHT SHE'D BE GOOD HERE?!?!
    I cannot stand that woman, she could have made the show much better...but no, she stayed the course with her bland personality. The pig would even be so classless as to ask the grandpa about the girls clothes, if he'd date them..etc. wtf!?!?!? har har har Leeza, you so funnay.

    Too bad that we didn't see more of the other jobs. Looks like there was so much more interesting footage. For one, I would have LOVED to see them out in the boat catching the carp. HA! Then Nicole throws it back in the water...that was classic. Did ya see the hick daughter behind Nicole with her mouth all agape?? "That there was worth five dollerrss"..

    The stupid reunion was advertised like the audience was going to be able to ask questions, resolve some issues, etc... Uhh yeah. They should have advertised it "Two people ask A question each that the producers told them to ask".

    The Sonic girls absolutely HATED P&N..but once they stood up, did you see the one wave to them all nicey-nice as if she loved them?!? LOL I loved how P&N looked back at them.

    If I hear "Good lordyyyyy" one more time..I'm going to walk to Altus and beat BUFFY with a blunt, rusty instrument. 'Nuff said.

    Did anyone else hear the mute brother when they brought the truck out? He said something like.."OMG..if this truck is for real, then I'll take back EVERYTHING bad I said about you two!!" The truck was nice as shit..and I'm super happy they got it. They don't need to have a pickup truck just because they're ona farm..they have other vehicles for chores..with this truck, now they can drive to the fair, pie contests and quilting circles in style! Janet was all crying!! Made me tear up.
    The show made it look as if P&N bought it for the family...and I sorta think that they did. But my gf was adamently saying that she thinks Dodge gave it to them. She thinks that only because Paris said, "And it even has a HEMI!"
    I dunno, but I'd like to know either way.

    I still am a fan of Paris and Nicole. I'd love to hang out with them and laugh my ass off.
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    And Braxton was it just me or was he mute/dead

    "Braxton is the smartest kid ever"

    "Braxton, you like watching yourself on TV?" :: stupid question by Leeza Gibbons

    ::No answer from Braxton::

    Later On...............

    "Braxton, did you like having Paris and Nicole live with you?" ::Theres Leeza again::

    ::Braxton nods, unsurely::

    Is it just me or is this kid really not that smart

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    I wouldn't say he's not smart, I would say he's shy.

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    Poor Braxton - his facial expression didn't change during the whole show and he barely spoke. But he wasn't like that at home. He must have just been freaked out by the studio and audience.

    That was a nice vehicle, and the least the family deserved for putting up with these girls. Justin's expression seemed to say: "Whoa! This will be a chick magnet down at the gas station on Saturday nights."

    Just saw a commercial: FOX is repeating this reunion show tomorrow night. 9:00 Eastern.

    P.S. - Leeza sucks.

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    That was the BIGGEST waste of my time! That was the worst "reunion" show ever, & Leeza Gibbons was horrific. I wanted to puke everytime she opened her mouth. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
    Terrible, terrible "interviewing" & I thought she was really rude to make fun of the Granny's hair. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's bad hair, but ya know, it's typical old-lady hair. Get over it Leeza, it's not that big a deal! And the question about the 3-way - the girls were joking when they said that you stupid jizzrag! Duh. That was just a stupid-ass question. And the whole thing with the audience doing the Razorback "suuuiiiieeee" was so ridiculous. The show & the hosting (especially) was so bad that it was offensive. Let's throw some more stereotypes out there! I was wondering what was next; I was waiting for her to ask if anyone had sex with the farm animals, or if anyone's dad was also their uncle, or if they had any family members who had been on Jerry Springer! God, she was just the worst host I've ever seen. It was beyond annoying!

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