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Thread: All I can say...

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    All I can say...

    It must be awfully nice to be so rich, beautiful, and simple-minded that you can never stop laughing. There are no consequences when you are made of money. I would love to experience that for a while and see what it's like to be young, playful, flawless, and have everything. But after that I must return to the real world and continue to try to improve circumstances for people and animals in need, because that gives my life meaning. I hope that I can have just as much fun on my severely limited budget with my somewhat above average looks now and then. I would not be a bitch though, because I don't have money to dry my tears of guilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LikityKity
    There are no consequences when you are made of money.
    A lot of these kids actually crash and burn, moving on to live very sad lives, money or no money. They are in a much more precarious position than it might seem. I wish them luck.

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