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Thread: Honestly--can they really be that bad??

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    Honestly--can they really be that bad??

    I'm having a hard time believing that these girls are as truly as bad as they are behaving. A common theme through each episode has been, watch them screw up intentionally, hide the evidence as if no one will notice, and see if they can get away with it. This is so juvenile, the producers have got to be putting them up to it. I went to high school with a lot of famous people's kids and obscenely rich kids (one of the same schools Paris went through, in later years.) None of them ever behaved with such a complete disregard for others.

    I buy that they are naive and silly, but there has got to be somebody behind the camera, whispering, "flip off the passing cars, that will be really funny." And so they do. When we were filming Monster House, they asked us go to the beach with a cameraman. We arranged it for a Wednesdy afternoon after school, and Chris came home early from work especially for it. The producer told my him, before we left, to make sure to say something like, "We hope you aren't working too hard back at the house, while we're at the beach!" I told him not to say it, but he doesn't watch reality TV, so he didn't know that was a trap. He said it just how they wanted it, and they juxtaposed it nicely with a shot of the workers slaving under a deadline crisis (and our woman welder crying under the stress of it). Over on the Monster House boards, people hated us! They actually ranted about how terrible we were.

    I honestly believe that Nicole and Paris were goofing around for the camera, with the knowledge that this isn't real (the auction guy isn't really going to get stuck with the bill, we all know that and so do the girls.) They just didn't get that it would all appear on TV as if it was real, and how horrible it was going to make them look.

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    I agree MalibuPam..that's why I'm watching this show lightheartedly, and just laughing at it.
    I do not believe that the girls are as terrible as they're being portrayed. I'm sure that they have certain behaviors that the commonfolk find appalling, but not to the extent that the show is showing.
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    Your absolutely right, They think it is all a big joke and are clowning around for the camera.

    As well as the camera crews setting up events like the Hot tub at the Dairy farm scene. I don't think anyone believed that the two girls actually brought bathing suits to work.

    People think the town hates them now, but that isn't true, the town loves the publicity its getting from the show. The mayor has done tv and radio spots for it and is trying to get a billboard put up proclaiming itself the town of the Simple Life.

    (loved the monster house episode and didn't hate you )

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    The show is great. Just flat out entertaining... no "relationship" BS or anything else... just two rich girls stuck in gods frozen moose pastures having fun. Great TV. Too bad no other reality show can get close to this... they all pretty much suck.

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    Well I don't think the girls mind being portrayed this way (as incompetent, slutty, or whatever). They seemed happy with the show enough to want to do a sequel... I wonder why. I think they just like attention and this show is giving them that. They are now guest hosts on music awards, etc. Paris made her transition from just A-list socialite to a celebrity (maybe not quite A-list celeb yet). But yep, I agree that it's obviously staged!

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    I was just going to post something similar, when I noticed this thread! These two act like 16 year old girls, not 22 y/o women. I really have a hard time believing they are as childish as they act. And I certainly hope that they have more manners than what it appears on the show. If they really *are* that rude in "real life", then their parents (or nannies?) should be ashamed.

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    IMO, that is they way they are. Yes, they might be hamming it up for the cameras but, I bet they are even more spoiled and b*tchy.

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    I do honesly believe the girls are spoiled little brats. I know alot of it is set up for entertainment, and do not believe they are quite as dumb as they act. I am sure that the town is loving the attention even though I dont liek they way arkansas is always portrayed on these kind of shows. I live in arkansas and it is not that bad. They always make us look like country folks who barely have running water. Anywas, I do believe that most of it is set up and the girls are better than they appear. At least I hope they are!

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    I think the very fact that they agreed to act the way they do makes them "that bad". I agree that some things are set up, but I don't think many of these things are things that they wouldn't do on their own if they had the chance. They're spoiled immature girls that remind me of some of my four-year olds at the daycare I work at, except they have pottymouths. From what I've seen outside of the show of these girls, I can't say I think that they're not really "that bad"... if anything they're worse.

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    Paris has admitted that she's not really as dumb as she seems to be. The producers told her to say that Walmart thing because it would be funny.

    A lot of articles, etc. and stuff about the show can be found in my LiveJournal community: http://www.livejournal.com/community/thesimplelife

    It's amusing to imagine that it's all real though, and they're not just putting on a show. Since I'm still only 18, I think that they seem like a blast to hang out with.

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