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Thread: Paris Hilton

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinallyHere
    Butter Face = a girl (or guy I guess) with a great body, but an ugly face.

    "She's got a great body butter (but her) face is hideous" Hence the term butter face.
    Funny, I'd have said she has a butter body. Go figure.

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    I think that Paris can look very attractive. But for my tastes, she's too skinny, too bony.

    To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, hugging her would be like holding a bag of antlers. Granted, a pretty darned hot bag, but still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I'll take a stab at that. Her face always looks like it's on the verge of melting. It's shiny, wet-looking, and her lips are HUGE in proportion to her long, skinny face - all the collagen she can afford, I'm sure.

    Not so much in the picture above, but on the show definitely, and in several other pics I've seen of her.

    great stab at that John!
    IMO- Paris is the antithesis of butter face... i can think of a hundred bodies i'd like to put that face on. She needs to eat, that bag of bones- and what's up with her ass crack and the pixelization- she has no ass- it's just crack- and i dont care how rich you are or how attractive your face is- ass crack's have no redeeming qualities!

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    See I think Paris has a butta body.... I've never been a fan of heroine chic.

    Nicole is just butta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    And there's not a one of us on these boards, that if fed a gallon of Truth Serum, wouldn't either want to live her live style or have her in the sack, filming their own version of a video!
    I can only speak for myself. If her life style includes being rude and lazy or people "liking" me for the name or money or drinking myself silly to then great the cameras that I supposedly don't like then, someone else is welcomed to it. Re: the video, nope, not interested in that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frank6
    In mid-October, I made a note on my calendar to watch The Simple Life (pre videotape scandal) because I thought a "Green Acres" reality show and Paris Hilton seemed interesting.

    What I have seen is a 22 year-old woman displaying a serious lack of character, responsibility for her actions, a penchant for lying, rudeness, that annoying "rich kid cockiness" I despise, extreme vanity and a seeming inability for empathy toward other styles of living. I'm severely unimpressed.
    I tend to agree with you. IMO, I'm sure for some it's funny and entertaining, when it doesn't involve them. Either way, you are allowed your own opinion. Anyway, it might be easy to act like an @$$ when you just don't care about something. I do get a little kick when I see how stupid they are. It's a lucky thing that they have money in their family otherwise, I don't see either one making it without their well known names and connections.
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