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Thread: Did our votes count?

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    Did our votes count?

    In my opinion NO. I think Shannon has more support, she went to college, has a lot of friends, and a big family. Let's face it, her support system is probably more likely to have computers. I am not trying to be mean, I think Alicia is a beautiful girl and to no fault of her own has had a lot of drama in her life. Shannon has had stability and I think that more votes would turn out for her.

    I would LOVE to see the actual numbers.

    What do you think? Not WHO did you vote for, but did our votes count?

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    Ladadida hungry_hippo's Avatar
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    yea.I also had my doubts about the voting.The show confused me becuz they said they had to go that night and tell their families that they had made top 2 and were going to find out the winner that night.If they were to find out that night then her family would have known since they would be watching her on tv.I dunno if I'm making any sense but im trying lol.Anyways it seems that everyone liked shannon better but hey! even if our votes didnt count,will it change anything to us ?Voting for whoever we voted didn't get us any closer to being in SI!

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    Free Spirit
    I'm not sure our votes counted at all. There was never a numbers given!!! It seems to me that America was not taken into consideration!!! If Alicia gets the cover, which was NOT originally part of the deal, it would make me think!!!

    Shannon does have the best body and attitude for a SI girl. Alicia's sob story has me sick already.

    I want numbers!!!! If the other girls were any example of how a majority feels, they and probably their families and friends voted like them, it was an 8-2 ratio favoring Shannon!!!

    What a disappointment!!!! :phhht

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    the bluest eye bonsaibutterfly's Avatar
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    Hmmm. I suppose it is possible that the votes did not determine the winner. I'm guessing they did though. It was the judges job to narrow it down to 2 girls that they would be pleased with no matter how the voting went. I think they did this. It is too bad about Shannon. I would've preferred a win for her, but I like Alicia too.

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    The way the SI staff gushed over Alicia's photos after the Bora Bora shoot, it was so obvious who they wanted to win. Even if Shannon had actually won the on line votes, I was skeptical about them declaring her the winner. Especially after all the comments about Alicia being a memorable beauty.

    The poll taken on this site was leaning in favor of Alicia. I was so tired of hearing Alicia's sob stories tonight. It really went overboard but her prior comments may have earned her many extra sympathy votes from viewers who saw her as an underdog.

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    I was thinking the same thing about the vote... but Americans do like that "Cinderella" story -- from rags to riches. It makes the common person feel like they too have a chance. So I say the voting does resemble the viewing audience.

    As for the vote of the girls... do you think that after they were eliminated they cared who won? And, the audience should know that Alicia was not out to "buddy up" to any of them. She was in a competition that one did not win by the number of friends made, but by how they played the "game."

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    Hi, I just have to say that this SI competition is all BS. From the start of this show I just taught that this judges who ultimately decided the final two are clueless to what men (who ultimately are the one's who buy) really wants...as for instance how ridiculous it is that they are eliminating the ones with boobs before those without any boobs... This magazine is supposed to be about women with great bodies wearing swimsuit for godsake... But look at the final winner... I'm not saying that Alicia isn't beautiful (the final two both have beautiful faces) but her body isn't even better looking than some of those who got eliminated. And most importantly compared to Shannon's with her statuesqe look and well proportioned body and with beautiful looking boobs.

    Also, it seems to me that the show eventually became a CHARITY EVENT not a competition... Just look at the way they edited it...non stop drama about how difficult Alicia's life is... So I just taught they didn't really select the one with the most beautiful face and body with the best personality but the one who needed the money the most... And as a guy who sometimes buy this magazine I really feel very disappointed... Just like some people here I don't think they even considered the votes...
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    Yeah I think they counted I new it would be really close. I mean people wanted Alica to win because she doesn't come from a good family so. But I thought it was going to be close. I wanted Shannon to win because they said they thought if she didnt win she wouldn't make it. But Alica would so. But then the other SI people really liked her so. Who knows just hope we get to see her again somewhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmbangert
    I would LOVE to see the actual numbers.
    Yeah I would too. Somebody here said the show was taped before the voting was closed last Thursday, but I have no way of confirming this. I was amazed at how small scale that finale was in terms of audience (just guests from the 2 families and maybe a few dozen others). Given how biased the whole show was in favor of Alicia (just listen to the moron Joel), I wouldn't doubt it's rigged.

    I think Shannon got cheated. But at least Alicia is still pretty good looking and has *some* boobs unlike some of the other totally flat "competitors".

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    I'm sorry, but claiming that Shannon has more friends and family that have computers doesn't really have relevance.. because a few maybe hundred more people doesn't really make that much of a difference with the millions of votes if there are many Alicia fans.. like I'm skeptical about whether our votes counted or not as well, but I don't think it's a valid point to say that Shannon should've won because she has more friends and family that would've voted for her.

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