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Thread: SI Theme Song

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    SI Theme Song

    I dunno if I should have started a new thread for this, but everytime i reply in an existing thread i get deleted, this will probably get delted as well

    I was wondering what the name of the song that is always playing in the background during the show is called

    It caught my attention when stella was eliminated and it went like this

    "You got To Believe
    That Everything will be ok"

    I dunno if i am posting this in the right place or if it should be moved to music or so but anyways i want to download the song, so any help would be nice

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    That's the song "What Happens Tomorrow" by Duran Duran.

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    Just like they say at the end of the show...that the music featured was from Duran Duran's new album Astronaut (in stores now ). That's actually the second single that was released from the album...it's really a good album actually, but I better be quiet now cause I could go on and on and on

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    how bout that song Girls on Film
    "this love is unbreakable..."

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    OMG thanks you people, I have expected this thread to be deleted (mods have it in for me)

    I loved the song and was searching for it everywhere. Thanks everyone for replying

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    The song

    I think the song bobpickle mentioned is "Magic" by Olivia Newton John. They used it once or twice that I recall. The chorus of the song goes:

    You have to believe we are magic
    Nothin' can stand in our way
    You have to believe we are magic
    Don't let your aim ever stray
    And if all your hopes survive
    Your destiny will arrive
    I'll bring all your dreams alive
    For you
    It was part of the Xanadu soundtrack. But that might not be the song he's thinking about. I was a huge ONJ fan back in the day - I have like six or seven of her albums. And I mean albums - 12" black vinyl things.

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