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Thread: Episode 5 Portfolio

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 times
    Love Shannons pics... hate Stacys.

    I hope Shannon wins!!

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    A whole lot more expressions

    Quote Originally Posted by sweet tea
    I like Stacey and Alicia's pictures. I just don't like Shannon. She looks older than the rest to me and seems to have one basic expression. The gap between her teeth bugs me. Nice body though.
    I think the "Nice body" tells us why you think Shannon has one basic expression. If you can't take your eyes off of a woman's chest, then every expression looks the same. So I surfed around a bit and cropped some photos that should let you see more than one expression. I'm too new to post the link, but you can figure the URL out from the following: The pictures are at (members-dot-cox-dot-net slash michaelkahn slash Expressions slash index-dot-html). Sorry to make you work so hard to get at it, but the automatic filter thinks I'm spamming the site.

    I admit Shannon looks older than the other girls, but that's because she looks like a woman rather than a High School cheerleader. I guess some people prefer girls to women. I've always preferred someone who looks like she's old enough to have her own checking account and to be able to balance the checkbook.

    Enjoy the presentation if you're willing to put forth the effort to get to the pics.

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    I checked out that link Mike84 and most of Shannon's expressions are the same. Her eyes look dead and vacant in pretty much all of them. The only pictures where her eyes seem to have some life behind them are the ones that she's sporting heavy eye make-up in, and I'm thinking the life is more from the make-up and not so much Shannon.

    My opinion, though.

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    Alicia's nipps could be seen in her gallery in the official website...... Did they forgot to edit it out?

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    I also looked at the photos on the link. She's pretty much one-note. Squinting because the sun is in your eyes does not display range.

    Other than that, she would cost the client too much money to retouch all those bags.

    Nice body though!

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