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Thread: Show Preempted In Some Locations 02/02

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    Show Preempted In Some Locations 02/02

    SI: Swimsuit Model Search will be preempted in some television markets. Viewers may still vote for a winner either online or via Verizon Wireless text messaging on Wednesday, February 2nd. Check below for the correct airtime in your area.
    Eastern Time Zone 8 - 9PM ET
    Includes all of Indiana, except Evansville, IN.

    Central Time Zone 7- 8PM CT
    Includes Evansville, IN and all of Texas except El Paso.
    In Peoria, IL airing will be on Thursday, February 3rd at 1:05AM

    Mountain Time Zone 9 - 10PM MT
    Includes El Paso, TX and all of Arizona.
    For KUWB in Salt Lake City airing will be on Saturday, February 5th at 9PM

    Pacific Time Zone 8 - 9PM PT

    Alaska 8 - 9PM Alaska Time

    Hawaii 7 - 8PM Hawaii Standard Time

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    I assume this has to do with the State of the Union address?

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    Auto Da Fe
    There were some early rumblings of affiliates not carrying the show because of decency concerns, especially following the Janet Jackson uproar. Last night's episode -- with the "topless" photo shoot -- might have scared some stations off.

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    VH1 scheduled to reair 5 episodes on Super Sunday

    If you missed any episodes, VH1 has 5 episodes schedules for Sunday 2/6 from 1-6.

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