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Thread: Season Finale-THE REUNION

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    Season Finale-THE REUNION

    February 9th is the final episode of SI. I know there will be a reunion of all the girls for this event.

    Aside from the announcement of the winner of the million dollar contract and the SI Spread, I was wondering....what can we expect???

    Now that all the girls have been able to see the previous episodes and see and hear all that was said and wasn't said, how will they react? Will they get a chance to get back at anyone?

    I hope to see what many have said, the reunion, as a surprise for the winner. The girls mostly mentioned that they got along very well at the house and that they had fun. This never came through in the series which basically focused on competition and shootings. I personally would love to see them back again, see how much they have changed, either because of the time passed since it was filmed originally and now, as many of them have tasted the limelight. What have they been doing?

    From the interviews I have read, most of them say that they did lots of things that were not portrayed in the series and that things were not as 'ugly' as the producers wanted to show. Do you think we will ever get the 'behind the scenes' or uncut edition of this show. I feel that it would be a whole new show!!!!

    Either way, I am looking forward to see the finale of the series and another look at all the girls again, since we really didn't have time to really get to know them.....

    Bring it on.........!!!!!!!!!

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    I would love to see an uncut version of the show!!Hope the producers are reading this!!!

    As for the reunion, I think that is really cool...I am dying to see the girls again. Since this was filmed a few months ago, I wonder how much the girls have really changed and what has happened to them since the show aired.

    I am looking forward to the show's finale.

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    What did you think of the reunion? I only saw the last 40 minutes. I thought it was pretty good but I wanted to hear more about the girls who didn't win. I wonder if a lot of them got contracts and stuff.

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    Free Spirit
    Yeah! Me too. The girls looked gorgeous, but I would have liked to have seen more of them as a whole. I, too, would like to know what they are doing now and how the program has helped them in any way in their careers.

    Betti, Stella and Shantel looked different than when they were on the program. They have changed. I would be nice to know about them. I was expecting interviews or even confessionals.

    The reunion or finale could have been better than what it was. Or, at least longer so that we could get to seem them together out of the competition mode....

    I would like to see more of these girls. Some of them could really have great futures in this business. I hope they keep their site updated so we can follow them.

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    Yeah, I thought it was a waste to have all of the girls on the reunion if they weren't going to ACTUALLY let them talk freely. The questions Roshumba asked were stupid. But Roshumba annoys me so so much, so I could be biased.

    I was sad to see that most of them didn't vote for Alicia, but that's probably because she never really warmed up to most of the girls in the house. Shannon makes everyone like her.

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