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Thread: Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search VS America's Next Top Model

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    ANTM is a better show for all the reasons listed above. However, I found some of the girls on SI to be pretty amazing looking and talented. A Stacy, Alicia or Shannon would blow past ANTM girls away in me humble opinion.

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    Let's not dis SI

    The Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated has huge circulation and has launched the careers of quite a few models who are now household names. ANTM might be a better show (I don't watch it), but a spread in Elle is just another female model appearing in a magazine full of female models. The SI Swimsuit edition has a cachet all its own, and that issue sells far more than any other issue and probably more than almost any single issue of the various fashion magazines. The models in the swimsuit issue will also appear in the calendar the next year.

    Could someone please codify this "high fashion" I keep hearing. Basically, I haven't seen a thing about the SI:SMS ladies that would somehow mysteriously disqualify them from any aspect of modeling. A very little training, the normal 18 coats of makeup, the professional hair stylist, and the right match of the particular fashion each is chosen to model and I think any one of them would shine.

    The real magic of virtually any modeling shoot is not worked by the models - it's worked by that tremendously talented staff, but more than anyone it is the person who is the equivalent of a director. You have to match the model to the outfits she is to model - putting Shannon in something that should be on Stacy is failure and vice versa. And the model must play the role she is directed to play. That's why Alicia's meddling during the "Cold as Ice" shoot seemed so outre and why such behavior was an anathema to the others - they are all professional models already, and they know where the magic is made. I've seen shots of Eugenia Silva and Aurelie Claudel on the runway in which I could not identify the model - there was some serious magic going on!

    Mind you, I'm not saying you can work the magic without good models. But all the good models in the world are just another gaggle of babes without the talent of that production staff. And such a staff could put on an excellent so-called "high fashion" program using only the twelve contestants from SI:SMS

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    There is definitely a "high fashion look". Generally speaking it is a girl with large wide-set eyes, a higher forehead, and interesting facial angles. Sometimes they aren't even the most beautiful women in the world, but they have something that makes you take notice. They are striking!

    Commercial models on the otherhand are attractive, but approachable girl-next-door types.

    When a new model walks into an agency, and if they are chosen, the agency must decide what category they more easily fall into. Shannon falls into commercial.

    The best models are the most versatile ones because obviously they get the most jobs. The more jobs for the models and the more money she will make the agency.

    I do not believe that Joel hated Shannon, but from a business standpoint, she is very limited. Her chances are next to none that she will ever make 1 million as a model. Alicia can, and now she will.

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    Personally, I liked both shows for completely different reasons.

    I've been an ANTM fan from Season I, and the two things I dislike VERY much are the useless judges and the useless Tarantula/High Wire shots. If anyone from that show read a message board, they'd know that many of us fans would like some "honest" modeling inserted along with the freaky shots. The last photo shoot, this year, on ANTM was delightful: why can't every other show just be "pretty" photo shoot and then Anime? If they receive a Cover Girl modeling contract, I doubt seriously that C.G. will be selling Kabuki Theatre make-up.

    Regarding SI; they were doing a marathon session this past Saturday on USA, (I think) and I watched all 5 shows for 5 hours, which was nice because you didn't have that time lag between shows. From the start, I adored Alicia, and gave her a "You Go, Grrrl!", when she became defiant during the Ice Shoot and said, rightly so, "SI shoots don't feature MEN!" If I was in her place, I'd like to think I'd do the same thing.

    I did like the judges much better on SI than ANTM. The fact that they had a history and a vested interest in the final product made it more real. And their arguments seemed more valid than hissy-fit, which is how I feel with ANTM.

    If Shannon has had such a "blessed" life, she'll continue to have one, without SI. I like the fact that Alicia finally is validated by something, in the Hell that was her earlier life.
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    I think the girls on the sports illustrated show has more of a chance to become famous in the modeling world than the vast majority of antm. Dont get me wrong I LOVE antm but alot of the girls on sports illustrated could be high fashion as well as SI girls. There's very few girls on Tyra's show that really look like models high fashion or not.

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    SI vs ANTM:

    I like them both. I would change a few things on both shows:

    1. Get rid of Botox Janice and Jay. (and/or quit saying "the world's FIRST SUPERmodel")
    2. Have Tyra demonstrate more, 'mother' less.
    3. No more Tyra's mom or self serving crap.
    4. Have the judges at the photoshoots, to observe behind the scenes 1. professionalism.
    5. SHOW MORE THAN ONE picture from the photoshoot, let the model choose one and the professionals choose one.

    1. Let the Supermodel Pass mean more than "You're probably the next eliminated."
    2. No more 'cheating' foods out to see who's next eliminated.
    3. Show more pictures.
    4. Show America's vote.
    5. Don't start the show with Cheryl Tiegs and then never show her again!!!!
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