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Thread: 1/12 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Reality tv fan
    I thought Stella had a great body, but I didn't like her face , although I think they should have elminated Betti instead of her...I don;t like her makeover at all, it's just too harsh....I liked her hair better before.

    I think Stacey is quite pretty....she's beautiful in the pictures...no idea why no one else likes her I think she'll be a strong contender, Krisi really does have a strong resemblance to Paris.....she's a pretty girl IMO. Shannon is very pretty as well, and has a young Lauren Hutton look. I like Jenna's makeover, her hair looks great. I'm still not a fan of Alicia's , but gotta admit, she looked quite stunning in her photos.

    my faves...


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    I thought that Stella's second round of individual shots were hiding her face, maybe the judges coupled that fact with the fact that they didn't think too much of her in the first round, so out she goes. Too bad, I really liked her, very pretty, very sweet, best body of the remaining contestants.

    Next to be eliminated: Stacy (what is with those eyebrows?) and either Jenna (Jameson ) or Alicia.

    Making my final four Betti, Krisi, Shannon, and winner of Jenna-Alicia showdown.

    I think Shannon will take it... She will probably be in the final two with Betti because eventually the disproportionate Krisi (that's one of the reasons they eliminated GORGEOUS no-neck Nancy in the first round) will lose out to Betti's striking, bold, ethnic-ness and Shannon's typical SI type and Lauren Hutton-ness.

    It's really too bad Krisi had that work done (most models chests are not that big, unless she was aspiring to be pinup) she would have won hands down, or may have not even needed the contest in the first place. She really has that something in front of the camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ping007
    I still can't believe this group of women as a whole. They're not hot. Are you telling me of all the thousands of applicants, these are the best? :rolleyes I really don't see what the judges see in some of these women. Stacey? Betti? Are you serious?

    I guess Krisi is my favorite now but she still has her boob job scars. Sabrina was my favorite but she got eliminated after getting the best elimination comments and winning the first challenge.

    I hate to be a typical guy here but doesn't the stereotypical SI girl gotta have at least some boobies?

    Why am I still watching this show? ANTM is so much better... better judges, cameramen, direction, class, appeal, etc. and ANTM's winner wins no where near $1 million.
    I agree with everything you say. It will be hard for me to watch this and not constantly compare it to ANTM.

    But since it has good looking women.... half dressed... competitng for money ... I will watch. *cry*

    Seriously, did that poor black girl (with the fro) not have the WORST make over in the history of reality TV? I think judges will let her move on a few more rounds just because they feel bad for her.

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