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Thread: 1/12 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Wow. Joel is a total d***head. Hope he doesn't criticize his wife like that, or I imagine he spends a lot of nights on the couch. Or maybe that's why he's such a jerk. I mean, "what do you call those?" "thighs?" "yeah, thighs"

    He seems pretty hot for Krisi, although I must say those scars from her boob job were nasty. She's still my favourite, along with Alicia.

    As for Betti...so what if there's never been a model with a 'fro in SI? So maybe she'll be the first - she's not gonna lose because of her hair, but that crappy diva 'tude is a huge turn-off.
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    not surprised by the cut tonight

    betti's hair looks soo much better braided, the fried out look was scary, i wonder why she felt she had to chop it all off, and just not have the hair shoulder length

    i guess my favorite right now is shannon, i liked stella, but she just wasnt really model material, krisi is looking too unoriginal to me, and the fake boobs are a turnoff

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    Free Spirit

    I can't believe they cut STella

    Stella is beautiful and has the best body of the lot. I think she is fire and the judge doesnt' know the difference!!!

    I had her as one of my top 3!!!

    I don't understand it....the worse criticism make the cut, and those who they can't say much of, or doesn't really have anything to criticize...get cut!!!!

    What is wrong with these judges. Or should I say, what's wrong with Joel???

    The other two like her, but he is always stirring their comments. She deserved to stay. she was nice to everyone and very sweet. I feel she was the real pro there.....I wish her the best.

    Something tells me this won't be the last we hear of her....she has it and will use it....

    Good luck to you girl....go get 'em!!!!!

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    Talking about Stella

    I read an interview someone did on Stella online and she said she just completed her website which is her first and last name. I can't write the site, but it really is nice. Lots of info on her. Apparently she has had some offers. i guess we really might be hearing good things for this girl.

    I went, neat stuff. She is sweet and I wish her the best too.

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    I was also dissapointed that Stella was cut.
    Betti was right, her haicut was awful. I like her face better without her hair covering it, however: her look is softer.
    The male judge is a jerk! A lot of the girls look just as good, if not better, than many of the professional SI models that I saw on their website. He's overly critical on certain issues. I just don't know if anything is good enough for him.
    Stacey, to me, is truly unattractive in the face. She has a large jaw, lips that potrude outwards, and a long oval face. I don't think she belongs in a modeling competition.

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    I had to laugh at them looking at the pizza boxes like they were boxes of plastic explosives or something - hysterical. The fro worked out well for the 70's shoot, so all that panic was a bit wasted.

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    Very dissappointed too

    Stella was definitely a very hot contender. I think she deserved to make the cut. Stella was always at the top of my list. She did a much better job than most of the girls. She's a beauty and has a great SI body!!!! I hope SI contacts her for future issues or some calendar. I'm up for it...anybody else???

    Damn, I'll market it.....

    Very dissappointing.....these guys get rid of the dolls and keep the garbage....what losers...!!!!

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    STELLA? Ok, I hate to admit it, but I loved her photo, possibly because of the new look, but I hated Stacy's photo. So boring. I loved Betti's first pic <33<333 Krisi is pretty cute. I want Stacy and Jenna out next.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    I still can't believe this group of women as a whole. They're not hot. Are you telling me of all the thousands of applicants, these are the best? :rolleyes I really don't see what the judges see in some of these women. Stacey? Betti? Are you serious?

    I guess Krisi is my favorite now but she still has her boob job scars. Sabrina was my favorite but she got eliminated after getting the best elimination comments and winning the first challenge.

    I hate to be a typical guy here but doesn't the stereotypical SI girl gotta have at least some boobies?

    Why am I still watching this show? ANTM is so much better... better judges, cameramen, direction, class, appeal, etc. and ANTM's winner wins no where near $1 million.

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    ANTM's winner ends up on gems like "Surreal Life" while it's well documented how much success SI brings to your career.

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