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Thread: Episode 1 Portfolio

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    Episode 1 Portfolio




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    Adaora - beautiful girl, but where is her waist?
    Jenna - I suppose she has a nice body, but her face does not cut it. She looks way too young.
    Betti- body is very athletic and looks good, but I am not sure if the face is "there", or maybe its the hair that is not right. Will be interesting to see if she cut it.
    Alicia - she has some piercing eyes, and is actually one of my top choices. But what a horrible swimming suit they put on her...
    Sabrina - nothing special, sure she is pretty, but nothing special.
    Nancy - nice body, not so nice face.
    Marcela - has some growing up to do, is she even legal age..? And she hunches.
    Krisi - Fabulous. She takes gorgeous, lively pictures.
    Shantel - same as Sabrina, pretty but forgettable.
    Shannon - one of the best ones, but there is too much emphasis on the boobs. Keep it mysterious, don't offer it all at once, girl.

    I like Krisi, Shannon, and Alicia the best so far, when it comes to taking pictures. The other girls do not talk to camera imo. Well, not true, Jenna does, but her face doesn't match the rest of the girl.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Reality tv fan
    Adaora - Pretty face, but not really great pics.

    Jenna - one of my faves, pretty face and great figure. I could see her as a sports illustrated model.

    Stacy - I think she looks so pretty in these pics.....she's pretty much hit or miss....not sure about her yet.

    Shannon - Wow! great pictures, fits the image of the Sports Illustrated model perfectly.

    Krisi - Top 3....beautiful.

    Shantel - girl next door look - average. Can see why she was eliminated.

    Marcela - pretty girl, but I don't know, I don't like some of her facial expressions.

    Stella - Great figure....I'm not liking her face though

    Nancy - NO!!

    Sabrina - pretty girl....I think she should have been kept in the competition.

    Alicia - Not a fan of hers.....I just don't see her as a model.

    Betti - I don't see it....

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    Adaora: Beautiful, my top choice right after Alicia, but as I said before she needs to work on that mid section and stop pushing her shoulders back - makes the midsection look broader.

    Alicia: Great body (-) the behind. She's perfect!

    Betti: Great body, she needs to relax in front of the camera b/c her face looks really ugly when she's trying to become sexy.

    Jenna: Great body but very porno looking.

    Kristi: Same here + she's too short! Every guys dream, guess again.

    Marcela: The judges made the right decision by eliminating her.

    Nancy: Same here!

    Sabrina: Bigass mistake. This girl has the right looks, I just don't get it.

    Shannon: Bodacious but looking a little too old for her age!

    Shantel: Best pictures, reminds me of the chick from Sex and The City.

    Stacy - Should have been eliminated instead of Sabrina.

    Stella: Great body but ugly face!

    Top 3:

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    looking at these pics i can see why marcela got eliminated

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    Adarora - A big dog that needs to hit the gym

    Alicia - Needs to tone her thighs and do something about her face, maybe a bag for starters.

    Betti - I didn't like the fro look, but she seems the most natural in front of the camera

    Jenna - Did they tell her not to stick out her chest? No way, show it proud, she is HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Krisi - I don't think these picture suit her, I don't buy the cute and innocent. Give me sexy, she has it, show it to me!

    Marcela - Looks like she is taking a dump in these pictures, not a big fan.

    Nancy - Very sweet, very normal. Doesn't do too much for me.

    Sabrina - She is all wrong for this, very plain and needs to work on that tire around her waist.

    Shannon - Very pretty, wish they did something differant with her hair. I want to see where she goes with this, very good potential.

    Shantel - I want mt swimsuit models to have a nice rack, she is disqualified!

    Stacy - To fake, blonde hair and dark brown eye lashes? And what's with that forehead, are we trying to open an airport?

    Stella - Very good upside, but agreed that the hair was a bit much. Wait and see with her.

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    Jenna has this Anna Kornakova thing going on - she looks great - I like these pics better than the ones from the first episode of her!
    Live Love Laugh

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    Hey you guys!!
    I wanted to thank you for being so kind in the forum! My friend called and told me about this site and I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your comments...it made my day! See yall next week and thanks again!!!
    Krisi B
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