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Thread: Episode 1 Portfolio

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    Adaora - Not versatile enough. Definate print work, but not right for swimsuit.
    Jenna - She has a look for tomorrow, and today. She's a little hoochie in front of the cam, but potentially, i think she's the best.
    Betti- thank god they got rid of the hair. Her initial fro was kind of nauseating, but when they straigtened it for the shoot it had a good look to it. I don't know if i've ever seen a fro in SI before, but i've deffinately seen black women w/fro's in many other swimsuit ads and couture shows. Stop complaining, they could have shaved you bald, girl.
    Alicia - The bitch card never cuts it in the industry. nuff said.
    Sabrina - Biggest mistake of the show, dropping her. IMO, the only one who actually looked like she could be on the cover. what an effing waste.
    Nancy - Practically looks the same as Alicia, seems like she knows what she's doing. I'd keep her over Alicia.
    Marcela - I give her a F. Her "look" has been SO done. And SI is about the sex appeal, but at the same time, you have to sell a product, don't you? i'm not a woman, but I know if i was, i wouldn't but the 2 piece she's wearing, you can't even see it.
    Krisi - Reminds me of a mermaid, haha she's so cute and bubbly. I think the show is set up for her to win... She's deffinately winning America's vote.
    Shantel - I think she was a copy of Shannon. You need your token crazy hair brunette, and I think she didn't show enough talent to be THE token brunette. She has a 2'd best is good enough for me! vibe.
    Shannon - She looks very Old Hollywood Glamour... and since that look is comming back, I think it would be in their best interest to keep her.
    Stacy: Deffinately not the prettiest, but presents a good palette for the make up artists and hair stylists to work with. one of my favouites
    Stella: She had the latin thing going for her, i really liked it.

    Ranking from best to worst:

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    Go Krisi!

    Quote Originally Posted by Krisi
    Hey you guys!!
    I wanted to thank you for being so kind in the forum! My friend called and told me about this site and I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your comments...it made my day! See yall next week and thanks again!!!
    Krisi B

    Good luck, Krisi!

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    On a first glance, Alicia is the only one that stands out for me. All the others are way too Baywatch for me, but I guess that's the point, isn't it?

    Oh, how I miss America's Next Top Model.
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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